Sell EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate construction material 400 tons stock

Sell EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate construction material 400 tons stock

Sell EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate construction material 400 tons stock

Integrity, cooperation and innovation, positive and competitive, healthy and abundant are the company's core values. The company EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate always adhere to the "people-oriented", pay attention to improve the production skills and cultural quality of employees, by cultivating employees to carry forward excellent cultural traditions, set up the correct values, ethics and codes of conduct to improve employees' loyalty and work enthusiasm.

16Mo3 alloy are featured by the good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. 16Mo3 steel plate chemical composition(%):C: 0.12 ~ 0.2 Si: ≤0.35 Mn: 0.4 ~ 0.9 P: ≤0.025 S: ≤0.01 Cu: ≤0.3 Ni: ≤0.3 Cr: ≤0.3 Mo: 0.25 ~ 0.35 Al: ≥0.02 N: ≤0.012. 16Mo3 alloy steel mechanical properties:Yield strength (MPa) 372MPa, Tensile strength (MPa) 350MPa, Elongation (%) ≥22. Impact temperature (℃) 20, Impact energy value (J) 335J / cm². EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate, 16Mo3 steel plate is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries.

The effect of nitrogen (N) on the properties of EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate and so on steel is similar to that of carbon and phosphorus. With the increase of nitrogen content, the strength of steel can be significantly improved, especially the plasticity, especially toughness, and the weldability will be decreased, and the cold brittleness will be intensified. At the same time, aging tendency, cold brittleness and hot brittleness will be increased, which will damage the weldability and cold bending property of steel. Therefore, the nitrogen content in EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate and so on steel should be reduced and limited as much as possible. Generally, nitrogen content should not be higher than 0.018%.

The company will regularly hold the award ceremony for excellent employees. he award-winners prove their excellence and the team’s excellence with EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate great achievements.On Oct., 2018 the Management star is Ms. Sherry from International Trade Department. The sales star is Ms. Katrina from International Trade Department. Under the guidance of Ms. Sherry, the old customer maintenance team of EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate BBN steel completed 309% sales task in Oct., 2018. Ms. Katrina has been using her own actions to interpret the "pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation" spirit of BBN enterprise.

BBN company team and culture: tt the end of 2019, in order to thank employees for their hard work and enrich their sparetime lives, the company organized a pleasant trip to Phuket Island, Thailand. This tour lasted 6 days and 5 nights, and returned by plane on the evening of December 27. We took off in Zhengzhou at about 5o'clock in the afternoon on the 22th December. Let's seize the day and live it to the full, and greet the arrival of the year 2020 together.

The recent improvement in demand is also reflected in EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate social inventory. This year, the growth rate of EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate social inventory has slowed down compared with the same period last year, which indirectly reflects that the demand of EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate this year is better than that of last year. In addition, EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate production, which has set new highs again and again, has slowed down this month, with a slight decline. The decline of EN 10083-3 30MnB5 plate production will also alleviate the relationship between supply and demand.

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