EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4 hr plate newly price

EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4 hr plate newly price

EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4 hr plate newly price

Strengthen system construction. The system itself has a certain binding force, which specifies the rights and obligations of employees. It is a passive management means for employees. Its purpose is to promote each employee to develop good professional habits, form good behavior norms, and promote the improvement of enterprise management level.

Main EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4 production plants: Wugang, Baosteel, Laiwu Steel, Angang, Baotou Steel, BBN Steel, Katalor Industry
Pressure vessel plates are used to manufacture steel plates for steam boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure vessel structures. Because this kind of steel plate is subjected to certain air pressure and water pressure, and the use environment of different temperatures, such as high, medium and low temperature, etc., the requirements for this kind of steel plate are relatively strict.

EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4, Q390B steel plate generally adopts the process route of refined material entering the furnace-smelting (converter, electric furnace-microalloying treatment-argon blowing-LF refining-low superheat continuous casting (feeding rare earth wire)-controlled rolling and controlled cooling. During smelting, The scrap steel is added to the furnace along with the charge and smelted according to the conventional process. After tapping, the deoxidizer and alloy are added. After the molten steel is treated by argon blowing, it is cast immediately. Rare earth elements are added to the steel, the Q390B steel plate is purified, and the content of inclusions is greatly reduced.

Since the beginning of this year, the global EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4 steel pipe industry, like many other industries, is facing severe market situation. The difference is that novel coronavirus pneumonia is not only affected by the epidemic, but also closely linked to the oil and gas industry, and the global EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4 steel tube industry will also suffer from the "flash collapse" of international oil prices in March.

BBN is a big team with great centripetal force. The company adheres to the tenet of "creating value for customers, creating benefits for enterprises, creating wealth for employees, and creating prosperity for society". Adhere to the strict management of factories, technology-oriented, adhering to "standard management, adhere to integrity, the pursuit of excellence, pragmatic innovation "Business philosophy, we are committed to creating a full-process, low-cost, high-quality, green and environmentally friendly stainless steel manufacturing enterprise.

In February, the European steel price index was 161.2 points, up 1.3 points on a month on month basis, up 0.8%; the euro zone manufacturing PMI was 49.2%, up 1.3 percentage points on a month on month basis. The manufacturing PMI of Germany, Italy, France and Spain were 48%, 48.7%, 49.8% and 50.4% respectively. This month, among the main steel products such as EN10083-3 alloy 25CrMo4 in the German market, the price of wire rod decreased slightly, the price of section steel remained stable, and other products continued to rise.

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