4960 ton 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test to Thailand

4960 ton 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test to Thailand

4960 ton 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test to Thailand

One person familiar with the situation said Germany's ailing ThyssenKrupp Group was in talks with its international counterparts to merge its loss making 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test steel business. The talks will be announced Monday as part of a strategic reform that could include closing or selling assets. Previously, ThyssenKrupp steel Europe, Germany's largest steelmaker, announced a loss in the first half of the group three point seven two 100 million euros four point zero two Billion US dollars). ThyssenKrupp has continued to advocate the benefits of 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test steel integration since it abandoned its joint venture with Tata Steel a year ago to sell its precious elevator division.

Our company has sales department, technology department, quality inspection department, after-sales department, logistics department. Each department has professional knowledge and high professional quality, put customers first, think about the interests of customers, actively communicate with customers and solve problems smoothly.

We exported 2150 Tons SG295 steel coils to Sudan. The Sudan customer is LPG cylinder manufacturer. Before our cooperation, he usually purchased SG295 steel coils from UAE and Turkey. And he got to know our company through our regular customers in Uganda, UAE, and his friends in China. Then he gave us the order. We invited the customer to visit us before contract, but he insisted to visit us when the 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test goods are finished production. After inspecting the size, package in workshop and witness the lab test for the SG295 steel coils, the customer was very satisfied to our quality control and professional arrangement.

As the thickness and hardness of 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test increase, the tendency to crack at the cutting edge increases. In order to prevent the 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test from cutting cracks, preheating should be carried out before 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test cutting. Special attention should be paid to preheating to make the entire 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test interface evenly heated to avoid local overheating in the area contacting the heat source. If the whole 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test cannot be preheated, the partial preheating method can be used instead.

Wear resistant plate is composed of two parts, namely carbon steel plate and alloy wear-resistant layer. Under normal conditions, the thickness of the 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test alloy wear-resistant layer of the wear-resistant plate is 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the total thickness. When working, the matrix provides the strength, toughness, plasticity and other comprehensive properties to resist external forces, and the alloy wear-resistant layer provides the 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test wear-resistant property to meet the requirements of specific working conditions.

The company attaches great importance to the value of iron and steel, constantly improving itself in terms of attitude, innovation, human resources, etc., integrating the value of iron and steel into the company's philosophy, showing the spirit of fighting for 42CrMoS4 notch-toughness test iron and steel, forging iron and steel enterprise, creating steel market, establishing iron and steel team, and attaching importance to the sustainable development of iron and steel industry, so as to make iron and steel our permanent cause.

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