South Africa EN10083-3 alloy steel grade 51crv4 top 10 manufacturer

South Africa EN10083-3 alloy steel grade 51crv4 top 10 manufacturer

South Africa EN10083-3 alloy steel grade 51crv4 top 10 manufacturer

Thin steel 5mm to 10mm EN10083-3 alloy steel grade 51crv4 stock list
5*2550*9200, 5.5*2500*10000, 5*2670*8500, 7*2260*8600, 6*2510*10400, 5*1860*12000, 8*2000*10000, 7*2000*8000, 8*2350*8600, 10*2500*8500, 8*2540*8200, 9*2500*9500, 10*2510*10600, 8*2400*6000, 10*2550*8500, 10*2800*6300, 10*1600*12000, 10*2000*6500, 10*2650*8300, 10*2800*6150, 10*2000*8600, 10*2150*5500.

Our main specifications of medium and heavy plates are thickness 6.0-180mm and width 1400-2700mm. In addition, the ship steel plate has been approved by the factories of the eight-nation classification society such as CCS, ABS, BV, LR, GL, NK, KR, and DNV. Our EN10083-3 alloy steel grade 51crv4, medium and heavy plates are widely used in manufacturing, logistics, and automotive industries such as construction machinery, mold processing, ships, bridges, high-rise buildings, pipeline transportation, automobile girders, automobile bridge shells, and pressure vessels.

The primary purpose of adding alloy elements into steel is to improve the hardenability of steel and to ensure that martensite can be easily obtained during quenching. The second is to improve the tempering stability of the steel, to keep the martensite at a higher temperature, so that the carbide precipitated in the tempered steel is finer, uniform and stable. In this way, under the same conditions, EN10083-3 alloy steel grade 51crv4, alloy steel has higher strength than carbon steel. One of the main purposes of adding alloy elements is to improve the strength of steel.

Our technical department plays important role in our professional communication with customers, especially those who have high technical requirements for steel materials and those who need complex further processing. Under such condition, our technician department can provide technical support in time, anylize customer design or make drawing according to customer needs rapidly, so that we can proceed smoothly. The profession of our team has won great praise of customers.

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