EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel Plates Distributors

EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel Plates Distributors

EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel Plates Distributors

Our company is a large steel enterprise integrating steel plate production, sales and processing. It is a first-class agent of Shanxi Taigang, Shanghai Baosteel, Jiugang, Xi'an Huaxin, Taishan steel, Dongfang special steel and southwest special steel. It is a special dealer of famous steel plants in China, such as Columbus, NAS, acerinox, Outokumpu, Arcelor, nipponmetalindustry, nipponyakinkogyo, NSC, etc.

, Q690 steel is low alloy high strength steel It belongs to the Chinese GB standard steel Q690 steel is named after its yield strength value Q is the abbreviation of yield strength, that is, the yield strength of Q690 steel is 690 MPa Chemical composition of Q690 steel: C ≤ 018, Si ≤ 060, Mn ≤ 20, P ≤ 0030, S ≤ 0025, Nb ≤ 011, V ≤ 012, Ti ≤ 020, Cr ≤ 100, Ni ≤ 080, Cu ≤ 080, N ≤ 0015, Mo ≤ 030, B ≤ 0004, Al ≤ 0015 The mechanical properties of Q690 steel are: yield strength ≥ 690 MPa, tensile strength 730-940 MPa, elongation after fracture ≥ 14%, impact energy 31J,EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel.

The most remarkable characteristic of low alloy high strength steel is high strength. In hot rolling or normalizing state, the strength of low alloy high strength steel is generally 30% - 50% higher than that of corresponding carbon engineering structural steel, . Therefore, it can bear large load. Engineering structures are usually large or huge, and the weight of the component itself often becomes an important part of the load. When the strength of the structural material is improved, the self weight of the component can be significantly reduced, and its ability to bear other loads can be further improved.

EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel,The company's after-sales service team is a high-quality professional team. Most after-sales employees have rich service experience and have reached the level of after-sales engineer. The after-sales department implements the after-sales personnel responsibility system and a 24-hour response mechanism. The company's advanced customer relationship management system provides customers with "standardized and streamlined services". A sound customer relationship maintenance system, and a "one-stop" customer satisfaction tracking system, all reflect our strong after-sales service guarantee.

Customer service center has provided after-sales service for many large-scale information systems, and has accumulated rich working experience in the process of EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel service for many years It can provide accurate, timely and high-quality support and service for users, which is well received by users,EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel.

The gas cylinder steel is one of our featured products. The pickled LPG steel is available. We supply gas cylinder steel coil, gas cylinder steel sheet and gas cylinder steel plates Welcome to consult any question about gas cylinder steel or LPG steel, such as JIS G3116 SG295 coil price, SG255 material properties, SG325 plate dimensions, HP265 equivalent, P245NB steel properties, etc We are always here to serve you,EN10083-3 50CrMo4 alloy steel.

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