ASTM EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme Application Industries

ASTM EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme Application Industries

ASTM EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme Application Industries

The EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme plate products have passed the EU CE certification, and have been recognized by China, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other eight classification societies for high-strength ship plates. The steel strand products have passed the United States (PTI) certification. The products enjoy a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. The products are applied to national key projects and sold to 37 countries and regions such as EU, Middle East, Southeast Asia and America.

EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme,,EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme., P355GH steel yield strength in different thickness has different values.Thickness 8-16mm: 355MPa min., >16-40mm: 345MPa min., >40-60mm: 335MPa min., >60-100mm: 315MPa min., >100-150mm: 295MPa min., >150-250mm: 280MPa min. The elongation minimum is 20%. P355GH plate under EN10028-2:2003 standard is a pressure vessel steel. It is always delivered in hot rolling, controlled rolling, normalizing.

Good impact resistance. Wear resistant composite steel plate uses low carbon steel or low alloy, stainless steel and other toughness as the base material. The metal material not only has good wear resistance, but also can withstand the impact and wear of falling from high to low in the transportation process. It has good heat resistance. Vanadium, molybdenum and other EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme alloy materials are added into the alloy wear-resistant layer during the manufacturing process, so it can be used and worn at high temperature ≤ 800 ℃. Compared with ordinary carbon steel substrate, it can only be used below 380 ℃, while low alloy heat-resistant steel plate can work below 540 ℃. This shows how high the heat resistance coefficient of wear-resistant steel plate is. Good corrosion resistance.

Before delivering our hot rolled plate product we apply various tests to check the quality of carbon steel plates such as- mechanical test, chemical test, hardness test, toughness test, eddy current test, impact test, micro test, flaring test, flattening test, etc We are provided best packing for structural steel plates to avoid rust Our after-sales service team will contact you if you have any question,EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 norme.

Our company attaches great importance to technical support and after-sales service, and has established a customer service center to provide unified technical support and service for various engineering projects. Customer service center has a strong technical force of technical service team, composed of a customer service center manager, several after-sales service personnel, responsible for unified acceptance and processing of local after-sales service needs.

The company will rely on its good reputation, excellent hot-rolled plates, steel pipes, steel structure products, and intimate after-sales service to customers. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the old and new friends and customers who have always given care, support and help to the company! The company sincerely hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with them, mutual benefit and common development. Welcome to come and visit our steel mill.

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