41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet top manufacturer in Uzbekistan

41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet top manufacturer in Uzbekistan

41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet top manufacturer in Uzbekistan

Our company is a large steel enterprise integrating steel plate production, sales and processing. It is a first-class agent of Shanxi Taigang, Shanghai Baosteel, Jiugang, Xi'an Huaxin, Taishan steel, Dongfang special steel and southwest special steel It is a special dealer of famous steel plants in China, such as Columbus, NAS, acerinox, Outokumpu, Arcelor, nipponmetalindustry, nipponyakinkogyo, NSC, etc,41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet.

41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet,, API 5L X52 steel with the thickness range is 12-40mm, the width range is 1220-4200mm, and the length range is 5000-18000mm API 5L X52 steel’s mechanical properties is the yield strength 300MPa, and the tensile strength 460MPa To be specified in details: Maximum content for C≤028%, Mn≤14%, P≤0030%, S is 0030%, V+Nb+Ti≤015%, Copper maximum is 050%, nickel maximum 050%, chromium 050%, Molybdenum 015%,41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet.

The price of common carbon plate is relatively low compared with other kinds of steel 41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet, and it can be used in a wide range of occasions, such as construction, machinery manufacturing, etc. Therefore, carbon plate is favored by users all over the world. And because of its large demand, fast circulation, the steel suppliers and exporters would like to keep huge carbon plate stocks, and thus the delivery is very quick. We also have large quantity stock for carbon plates. And we provide further processing for the carbon plate.

We guarantee to provide all technical data required by users within one hour to provide reasonable quotation; to provide reasonable quotation for products consulted by users within one hour; to provide investigation reception: we guarantee to receive the investigation of users at any time and provide various convenient conditions for users.

Since the foundation of the company, the Spring Festival Gala is an annual activity held at the end of the year. Now it is a part of the BBN company culture to enrich the employee's life. The annual Spring Festival Gala in 2019 was held on January 20, 2020. There are opening ceremony, leader's speech, BBN steel performance, awards for outstanding employees, lucky draw, party game, curtain call, company group photo, annual Gala dinner and other links.

Since its establishment, the company has participated in several key railway and highway projects. After years of development, the company’s 41Cr4 EN 10083-3 sheet domestic market has been exported to more than a dozen provinces and cities including Kunming, Shenzhen, Hunan, Sichuan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Heihe, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang . International trade is exported to Kazakhstan, South Korea, Vietnam, South Africa and many other countries, and has been well received by customers.

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