What is EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis equivalent IS grade

What is EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis equivalent IS grade

What is EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis equivalent IS grade

IS 2062 E450 BR plates which have the quality of good tensile strength, excellent thickness, good elongation, good yield strength. We provide high-end finished products which have accurate dimensions, good durability i.e complete customer satisfaction. Our EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis plates have different applications in a number of industries such as paper, chemical, natural gas, cement industries, oils, shipbuilding etc.

After quenching and tempering, 40Cr alloy steel plate and EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis sheet have good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity. The hardenability of steel EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis is good. It can be hardened to Ф28 ~ 60mm during water quenching and Ф15 ~ 40mm during oil quenching. In addition to quenching and tempering, this steel is also suitable for cyanidation and induction hardening. The cutting performance is better. When the hardness is HB174 ~ 229, the relative cutting workability is 60%. 40Cr alloy steel is suitable for making medium-sized plastic molds.

Quenching Improve the hardness of EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis steel, Annealing is refine the grain size, homogenization, reduce hardness, improve the plasticity and eliminate interna stress. Normalizing refine grain , improve the impact toughness of EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis steel and comprehensive mechanical properties.

BBN steel is a leading suppliers of hot rolled steel plates for engineering applications, offering a variety of plate widths and thicknesses alongside accurate in-house cutting and profiling services. If you would like any more information about our inventory, or would like to place an order with us, pls feel free to contact us.

Our quality and service commitment: EN10083-3 51CrV4 heat analysis product quality problems, life-long replacement.In the process of using, any time if you find we supplied steel materials not conform to the requirements of technical standards, we can replace it for you free of charge. However, it should be noted that non product quality problems caused by improper use are not covered by the warranty. Please pay attention to the service time commitment as well as the product quality assurance commitment. Because only the products of big brands and reliable enterprises with complete after-sales service system can truly realize the long-term product quality assurance and the whole process of service.

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