What is application of 51crv4 steel for turbine rotor

What is application of 51crv4 steel for turbine rotor

What is application of 51crv4 steel for turbine rotor

The heat treatment hardness of DC53 mold steel is higher than that of SKD11, 51crv4 steel for turbine rotor, the high temperature is 520-530 ℃, and the high hardness can reach 62-63HRC after tempering. In terms of strength and wear resistance, mold steel DC53 exceeds SKD11 mold steel. The toughness is twice that of SKD11 die steel. The toughness of DC53 is more prominent in cold work die steel. Tools made with DC53 rarely crack and crack, greatly increasing the service life.

High strength steel is a kind of steel often used in engineering construction. With the improvement of technical level, the research and development of high strength steel in China has made remarkable achievements. The application of high strength steel 51crv4 steel for turbine rotor in the construction field can reduce the steel consumption and building volume, and improve the building weight. That is one of the important reason why the high strength steel is so warmly welcomed nowadays.

The application of wear-resistant steel plate, 51crv4 steel for turbine rotor is very many, especially in the factory building. In terms of various operation control of wear-resistant steel plate, bending is more difficult to master, which is mainly due to the poor elasticity of the product. Of course, we have corresponding solutions. In order to bend the wear-resistant steel plate more simply and effectively, it is recommended to use hydraulic pipe bender for bending, and the corresponding mold should be equipped with the machine in advance. In this way, the wear-resistant steel plate will not have defects, the quality can be guaranteed, and the use effect will be better.

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