What is 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar hardness

What is 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar hardness

What is 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar hardness

In line with the service concept of "honesty first, customer first" and the service tenet of "all for customer satisfaction", the company adopts the acceptance and response mode of combining manual and automatic, and accepts the diversified service demands of customer business consultation, complaint declaration, business acceptance, etc. through telephone, fax, e-mail, visit, letter, etc.

High strength wear-resistant plate is a kind of plate product used for large area wear condition. It is made by overlaying a certain thickness of high hardness and excellent wear-resistant layer on the surface of ordinary low carbon steel or low alloy steel with good toughness and plasticity. After production, the high-strength wear-resistant plate will be tested for its strength and bearing pressure. High strength wear-resistant plate is very wear-resistant, in the case of no accident, the service life of 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar, high-strength wear-resistant plate is very long.

40Cr grade under GB/T 3077-2015 standard is a alloy steel bar material. 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar, 40Cr alloy chemical composition (C: 0.37 ~ 0.44, Si: 0.17 ~ 0.37, Mn: 0.50 ~ 0.80, Cr: 0.80 ~ 1.10, Ni: ≤0.30, P: ≤0.030, S: ≤0.030, Cu: ≤0.30, Mo: ≤0.10). Heat treatment: First quenching heating temperature (℃): 850; coolant: oil; Temperature heating temperature (℃): 520. 40Cr steel tensile strength (σb / MPa): ≥980. Yield point (σs / MPa): ≥785

Strip steel is a kind of steel plate with thin thickness, narrow width and long length. Strip steel can be made of common carbon steel, carbon structural steel, spring steel, tool steel, stainless steel, etc. Strip steel has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, easy processing and material saving. There are many kinds of strip steel, 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar. Hot rolled steel strip is mainly used for cold-rolled billets, cold-formed steel billets, welded steel pipe billets, manufacture of bicycles and small hardware products.

Our company has established and constantly improved the customer service system and emergency response system. Through the customer service management system, we track the service of the after-sales service team and provide efficient and standard services in time. At the same time, the company formulates a regular return visit system, compares the historical cases of customer problems, proposes a pre solution, and ensures that the service is in place in a short time.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "good quality, customer first, honesty and trustworthiness", and strives to provide customers with high-quality 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar products and excellent services. Our company's products 51crv4 hot rolled alloy steel bar are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries, mainly used in reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear energy reactor pressure shells and other equipment.

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