What are the quality features of EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat

What are the quality features of EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat

What are the quality features of EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat

Our 12Cr2Mo1VR steel plate breaks through the specification limit, with a thickness of EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat up to 180 mm and a single weight of 43.7 tons. The flaw detection can meet the highest level of NB / T47013 flaw detection level. Its thickness and unit weight exceed the production limit of vanadium steel. The 12Cr2Mo1VR steel plate with such specifications has high technical requirements, severe performance requirements, and great production difficulties. In the EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat production process, it is easy to appear the tail area defects, which will cause the steel plate to fail inspection. So please choose your suppliers carefully.

Our after sales department is an very important part of our department structures. After the customer receive steel materials, our after sales department will follow up regularly and solve problems for them in time if they have the needs. We romise to return the goods for free for its lifetime if it is quality of the steel material itself. Meanwhile, if you have any advice or complaints, also welcome to feed back to our after sales department, and we are trying to give better service to you.

EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat, Q345 angle steel has two kinds: unequal angle steel (two sides are not the same size) and equal angle steel (two sides are the same size). EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat, Q345 angle steel is widely used for mechanical processing, building structure, steel structure, etc.. In addition, Q345 angle steel can withstand - 40℃ low temperature at least and can be used in cold areas. The weight calculation formula of Q345 angle steel: 0.00785 * (side width + side width - side thickness) * side thickness, the value obtained is the weight per meter, and then multiplied by the length to calculate the weight of a piece.

40Cr grade under GB/T 3077-2015 standard is a alloy steel bar material. EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat, 40Cr alloy chemical composition (C: 0.37 ~ 0.44, Si: 0.17 ~ 0.37, Mn: 0.50 ~ 0.80, Cr: 0.80 ~ 1.10, Ni: ≤0.30, P: ≤0.030, S: ≤0.030, Cu: ≤0.30, Mo: ≤0.10). Heat treatment: First quenching heating temperature (℃): 850; coolant: oil; Temperature heating temperature (℃): 520. 40Cr steel tensile strength (σb / MPa): ≥980. Yield point (σs / MPa): ≥785

In 2015, we offered 230 tons 309S and 310S stainless steel EN10083-3 alloy steel 42CrMoS4 flat plate to Vietnam fabrication company. The products are used in fabricating machine for this company. Then the customer sell the machine to south America and European market. This Vietnam company purchase more than 100 ton stainless steel from us every month.

Our focus on quality has helped us create an efficiently organised production system, which can supply large-scale piping orders as well as tailor-made orders for smaller clients. We have also created a sales and support network which stretches from Asia to Europe, UAE, South Africa and South America.

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