The application of laser processing technology in processing of 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent

The application of laser processing technology in processing of 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent

The application of laser processing technology in processing of 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent

"Turkey has filed a lawsuit against EU steel import tariffs with the world trade organization, the trade ministry said Friday. In February 2019, the European Union said that the sharp increase of Turkish steel imports 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent seriously threatened the steel producers in member countries. The European Union has set import quotas for 26 kinds of steel products and imposed a 25% tariff on future steel products for three years. Turkey's trade ministry said that as one of the main 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent steel exporting countries to the EU, Turkey's export has been adversely affected by its measures and has started proceedings in the WTO."

Our technical department plays important role in our professional communication with customers, especially those who have high technical requirements for steel materials and those who need complex further processing. Under such condition, our technician department can provide technical support in time, anylize customer design or make drawing according to customer needs rapidly, so that we can proceed smoothly. The profession of our team has won great praise of customers.

Material SAE1006, standard ASTM A510M-82 belongs to low carbon steel. It has the characteristics of high elongation, smooth surface, mirror effect, thickness standard, flat plate shape, and rust resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of metal stamping and stretching with good performance. The main difference between the chemical composition of 1006 and 1008 is: the carbon content is inconsistent: SAE1006 contains C less than 0.08, and SAE1008 less than 0.10.

34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent, Q690D steel is a high-strength welded structural steel grade. Q the first letter of the Chinese spelling of Qu for the yield strength of steel; 690 represents the yield strength value, the unit is MPa, and D represents the grade of the steel plate; -20 ; common steel plate quality grade steel plates are Q690A, Q690B, Q690C, Q690D, Q690E.

On September 14th 2019, a Australia customer purchased 500 tonsDIN17155 15Mo3 boiler steel plates, which will be used for vessel modification of wax backflow protection project and LPU project. Many old customers keep asking about Din17155 steel grade-15Mo3. Usually our company would suggest customers to choose EN10028 steel specification, but if customer insiste on the old steel grade, we could arrange it either. With years of experience in produceing DIN 17155 15Mo3 boiler steel plates, the company supplies high quality steel 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent product with low cost and better service.

The company is mainly engaged in 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent steel plates manufacturing and deep processing, sales and distribution. It is committed to building a complete modern steel purchase and sale network. Here we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our old and new friends who have always given care, support, affirmation and help, and sincerely hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with them for mutual benefit, win-win and common development, and work 34crmo4 heat treatable steel equivalent together for a better tomorrow.

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