Industrial use EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent

Industrial use EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent

Industrial use EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent

Pakistan's iron and steel industry has suspended EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent production and operation since the outbreak, the dawn reported on April 8. Last month, Prime Minister Imran announced a rescue package for the steel industry. Recently, Pakistan's steel industry called for the resumption of production as soon as possible. The Secretary General of the association of large EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent steel producers in Pakistan said that steel is the pillar of Pakistan's construction industry, and Pakistan's economy cannot bear the consequences of the long-term closure of the steel industry. Any delay in the resumption of production will lead to the failure of the government's plan to revitalize the construction industry, which will have a negative impact on Pakistan's economy. It is hoped that the government will immediately resume EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent production in the steel industry, especially those that are able to provide shelter for workers.

The company has an entrepreneurial team composed of highly educated and high-quality talents, whose leaders graduated from famous universities. As the first group of teams engaged in e-commerce industry in China, it witnessed the rapid development of e-commerce, accumulated rich steel professional knowledge and formed a scientific management system.

CCS Grade B hot rolled steel is a ordinary strength marine steel plate. Our plates and sheets thickness are supplied up to 150mm. We have stock of EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent, CCS Grade B hot rolled steel: 5.5*2790*10680, 27*1700*4350, 18*2000*10000, 9*2310*7060, 27*1700*4350, 45*2200*10000, 12*2000*10000, 16*2000*10000, 50*1770*7730, 14*1800*10000, 14*2000*10000, 11*1650*9000, 75*1050*9140, 40*2200*10000, 18*2000*9820, 14*2000*10000, 30*1500*6000, 75*1430*9140, 40*2000*8000, 80*1800*7000.

Chemical composition differences between the EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent, Q345 steel grades (Q345A / Q345B / Q345C / Q345D / Q345E):Q345A steel:C≤0.20,Mn ≤1.70,Si≤0.50,P≤0.035,S≤0.035; Q345B steel:C≤0.20,Mn ≤1.70,Si≤0.50,P≤0.035,S≤0.035; Q345C steel:C≤0.20,Mn ≤1.70,Si≤0.50,P≤0.030,S≤0.030,Al≥0.015; Q345D steel:C≤0.18,Mn ≤1.70,Si≤0.50,P≤0.030,S≤0.025,Al≥0.015; Q345E steel:C≤0.18,Mn ≤1.70,Si≤0.50,P≤0.025,S≤0.020,Al≥0.015; All the Q345 steel grades contain Nb≤0.07,V≤0.15,Ti≤0.20,Cr≤0.30,Ni≤0.012,Mo≤0.10。

ANDRITZ GROUP is the world's leading industrial group, with 29500 employees and more than 280 branches in more than 40 countries. We have cooperated with their Mexico company for many years about S355J2+N steel plates and cutting sectors. The S355J2+N steel plates EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent need to cut according to the drawing by standard tolerance, UT, MT and dimension request. The final application of the S355J2+N steel plates and cutting sectors are for assembling hydraulic machine.

Welcome to our company to purchase, our products are exported to all parts of the world every month, the quality is guaranteed, the EN10083-3 alloy steel 34crmo4 steel equivalent price is very preferential. Therefore, it has won great trust and praise from customers. Every month, it needs to purchase some steel plates, steel pipes and other major products. If you have any need, please contact us in time!

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