High quality low alloy 25CrMoS4 heat analysis properties

High quality low alloy 25CrMoS4 heat analysis properties

High quality low alloy 25CrMoS4 heat analysis properties

Our company will set up a full-time service engineer for the project, who is responsible for the interface and coordination of technical support and after-sales service of the 25CrMoS4 heat analysis project. In response process of customer service center, in case of technical support and after-sales service demand, the user shall contact the full-time engineer of 25CrMoS4 heat analysis customer service center, and the technical personnel will give corresponding answers and on-site treatment according to the needs of users.

Low-alloy high-strength steel grades: Q345B/C/D/E, Q390B/C/D/E, Q420B/C/D/E, Q460B/C/D/E, Q550B/C/D/E, Q690B/C/ D/E, 16MN, 25CrMoS4 heat analysis, A633 Gr A, SA633 Grade C, SA633 Gr.D, SA633 Grade E.
Steel plates for bridges: Q235qc, Q235qd, Q345qC, Q345qD, Q345qE, Q370qC, Q370qD, Q370qE, Q420qC, Q420qD, Q420qE.

EN10149 S600MC cold-forming steel chemical composition%
C:0.12, SI:0.50, MN:1.30, P:0.025, S:0.015, AIT:0.015
The mechanical properties
Yield strength: 600MPA
Tensile strength: 650-820MPA
Elongation: ≥11%

Special boiler steel is derived from carbon structural steel, 25CrMoS4 heat analysis. The expression of boiler steel grade is similar to that of high-quality carbon structural steel, and the carbon content is usually 0.20%. The chemical composition of boiler steel is basically the same as that of high-quality carbon structural steel of the same brand, but the mechanical properties are strictly required, especially the impact toughness, and the aging sensitivity is required to be small. After deoxidation and removal of non-metallic inclusions, boiler steel has a uniform structure, the grain size is controlled at 3-7 grade, and the defects such as interlayer, shrinkage, porosity and porosity are relatively less.

Compared with other fast-moving consumer goods, steel consumption is obviously different, with a wide range of use and a long service life. Therefore, the quality and service of steel materials are particularly important. Service is always one of our top concerns, especially after-sales service. We have mature after-sales service team, and can help you solve problems professionally during application of the steel materials.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "good quality, customer first, honesty and trustworthiness", and strives to provide customers with high-quality 25CrMoS4 heat analysis products and excellent services. Our company's products 25CrMoS4 heat analysis are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries, mainly used in reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear energy reactor pressure shells and other equipment.

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