Hardness of 51CrV4 steel alloy material

Hardness of 51CrV4 steel alloy material

Hardness of 51CrV4 steel alloy material

The market demand affects the 51CrV4 steel alloy, stainless steel price: if the downstream industries such as infrastructure, real estate and hardware products have strong production demand and large procurement volume, it will naturally affect the price of stainless steel. And these large macro data will be disclosed by related statistical departments, therefore, stainless steel purchasers need to understand the macro economic data. Secondly, the international market trade environment and policies among countries will also have a certain impact on the import and export of stainless steel.

Heat treatment advantages of 51CrV4 steel alloy, SA516 Gr 70 pressure vessel steel:
1) SA516 Gr 70 pressure vessel steel quenching: The hardness of SA516 Gr 70 pressure vessel steel is increased, but the toughness is decreased.
2) SA516 Gr 70 pressure vessel steel normalizing: Improve strength and toughness.
3) SA516 Gr 70 pressure vessel steel annealing: Eliminate quenching effect, eliminate stress, uniform composition.
4) SA516 Gr 70 pressure vessel steel tempering: Uniform composition, slightly reduce hardness, greatly improve toughness.

The pre cooling direct quenching and low temperature tempering of wear-resistant composite plate can reduce the quenching deformation of the workpiece, and the residual austenite content in the carburized layer can also be slightly reduced. The surface hardness of the hardfacing wear-resistant composite plate, 51CrV4 steel alloy is slightly increased, but the austenite grain does not change. It is widely used in various tools of fine grain steel manufacturing.

It is a modern high-tech professional enterprise integrating scientific research, 51CrV4 steel alloy production and sales. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of boiler and pressure vessel, chemical, metallurgical, petroleum and other equipment, as well as 51CrV4 steel alloy process technology development, technology transfer and related technical consulting and technical services.

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