EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade Cr element contents

EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade Cr element contents

EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade Cr element contents

BBN is a big team with great centripetal force. The company adheres to the tenet of "creating value for customers, creating benefits for enterprises, creating wealth for employees, and creating prosperity for society". Adhere to the strict management of factories, technology-oriented, adhering to "standard management, adhere to integrity, the pursuit of excellence, pragmatic innovation "Business philosophy, we are committed to creating a full-process, low-cost, high-quality, green and environmentally friendly stainless steel manufacturing enterprise.

EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade, Wear-resistant plate is one of the most widely used wear-resistant steel materials. Because of its outstanding wear-resistant characteristics, wear-resistant plate has its own unique use. First, mining machinery and equipment. During ore processing and transportation, the ore and equipment often produce violent friction, the general steel plate can not bear friction for a long time, it is easy to be damaged, and wear-resistant plate is very effective to solve this problem. Second, the ground laying. Some construction site roads are paved with wear-resistant plates, for long-term use of truck transportation.

The hardness of EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade, wear-resistant steel plate is an important standard to measure wear resistance. The hardness of wear-resistant steel plate can be divided into microhardness and surface hardness. The microhardness of carbide in the wear-resistant layer of wear-resistant steel plate can reach over HVl700-2000, and the surface hardness can reach HRC58-62. Chromium alloy is the main wear-resistant layer of wear-resistant steel plate, and other alloy components such as manganese, molybdenum, niobium, nickel are added at the same time.

Specification range of available steel EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade: thickness ≤ 650mm, width ≤ 4500mm, length ≤ 18000mm. Larger specifications of steel plates are also available as required. Our steel plates EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade can be supplied according to Chinese standard, American Standard AISI / ASME / ASTM, Japanese JIS, German standard DIN, French NF, British BS, European EN, international ISO and other standards. Heat treatment process: controlled rolling, normalizing, tempering, normalizing plus tempering, quenching and tempering, etc.

Relying on the background of high-quality steel resources and its own strong steel machining capabilities, BBN comany can not only supply various steel material products, such as steel coils, steel plates, EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade sheet, steel pipes, and shaped steels, but also provide a variety of steel deep processing services like cutting, welding and grinding. Through continuous technological innovation and after-sales service optimization, the company has its own world on the domestic and international steel industry stage!

Our products have perfect after-sales system to protect the interests of customers. At the same time, we can according to EN10083-3 25CrMo4 grade customer's requirements, processing requirements, cutting technical requirements, etc., to develop detailed solutions for customers, so as to make customers 100% satisfied. If you have any requirements and needs, please contact us in time.

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