EN10083-3 20MnB5 product analysis steel coil continuous annealing

EN10083-3 20MnB5 product analysis steel coil continuous annealing

EN10083-3 20MnB5 product analysis steel coil continuous annealing

The technology center has always been focusing on application research, improving market realization and scientific and technological contribution rate; taking user demand as the goal, highlighting the personalized development of products; taking the joint development of industry, University and research, and technology integration as the means, improving the starting point and level of innovation, and realizing the breakthrough of core technology; taking advanced research as the guide, pursuing the leap of technological development; taking system and mechanism innovation as the driving force, Promote and realize the working concept of technological innovation.

P275NH normalizing can weld refined grain steel. Fine grain steel EN10083-3 20MnB5 product analysisis understood to be steel with ferrite grain size of 6 or finer after testing according to EURONORM103 standard. Executive standard: EN10028-3, number: 1.0487. P275NH is non-alloy quality steel for pressure equipment. P275NH steel plate has good plasticity, toughness, cold bending performance and welding performance.

Supply Range of Carbon Steel C45 Round Bar
Round Bar: diameter 8mm – 3000mm
EN10083-3 20MnB5 product analysis Plate: thickness 10mm – 1500mm x width 200mm – 3000mm
C45 Steel Flat Bar: 200mm – 1000mm
Square Steel: 20mm-800mm
Surface Finish: Black, Rough Machined, Turned or as per given requirements.

The steel plate for hull structure is also called marine plate or shipbuilding steel. Due to the harsh working environment of the ship, the hull shell is subject to the chemical corrosion of seawater, so the requirements for steel for the hull structure are strict. First of all, good toughness for marine plate EN10083-3 20MnB5 product analysisis the most critical requirement. In addition, it requires higher strength, good corrosion resistance, welding performance, processing performance and surface quality.

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