Effect of heat treatment process on impact properties of 34CrMo4 plate to EN 10083-3

Effect of heat treatment process on impact properties of 34CrMo4 plate to EN 10083-3

Effect of heat treatment process on impact properties of 34CrMo4 plate to EN 10083-3

The thickness of the wear-resistant layer is uniform and the surface is smooth. The flatness of the whole wear-resistant steel plate is equivalent to that of the ordinary carbon steel plate, 34CrMo4 plate to EN 10083-3. There is a stress release crack on the surface of the wear-resistant layer, which only exists in the hardfacing layer and does not extend into the matrix. The stress release crack can greatly reduce the residual stress and deformation of the matrix during the surfacing process, thus avoiding the reduction of the matrix strength and not affecting the service performance of the wear-resistant steel plate.

304 stainless steel plate products have strong corrosion resistance. For ordinary alkali solution and organic acid, inorganic acid has good corrosion resistance. This material 34CrMo4 plate to EN 10083-3 is a high alloy steel, which can resist corrosion in air or chemical corrosive medium.

The company currently has a number of extended steel processing capabilities such as laser cutting, bending, rolling, welding, pipe making, and surface treatment, and can provide customers with diversified products and services. In addition, the company has strong technical force, complete production equipment and advanced production technology. The testing methods are perfect and the 34CrMo4 plate to EN 10083-3 product quality is high.

The company has accumulated rich experience in long-term cooperation with new and old customers, which makes our products 34CrMo4 plate to EN 10083-3 more unique in the same industry, and is favored and praised by users. We always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, dedication, and people-oriented" and the business philosophy of "creating benefits for users". As a leading international steel supplier, BEBON have two warehouses which are near by Tianjin port and Shanghai port.

The company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, strictly implemented the ISO9001 quality management system. Besides, we have continuously improved the after-sales service network to make every effort to provide more convenient, accurate and faster services for all customers. We will supervise the production, control the quality in the factory, Inspect the cargo before shipment, Issue the test report to sales department. From the steel prodcution to steel delivery, we always focus the whole process.

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