Characteristics and usage of EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar

Characteristics and usage of EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar

Characteristics and usage of EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar

We can process the steel materials according to your drawing. Or if you can not make drawing, please send us EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar specific data and requirements, our technical department can make design and drawing for you, and then confirm with your technician or engineer. If all is OK, our processing center will process the steel materials according to the drawing. So no matter what size and shapes you need, we can meet demands at the most time.

09CuPCrNi-A steel belongs to weathering steel. Through alloying of Cu, Mn, Si, Al and simply adjusting part of element content of ordinary low carbon steel (Q235 steel), economic weathering EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar steel with good atmospheric corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties can be produced without changing the production process of Q235 steel. 09CuPCrNi-A steel is mainly used for railway, vehicle, bridge, tower and other steel structures exposed to the atmosphere for a long time.

The chemical composition of 20CrMo steel pipe is 0.17-0.24, Si: 0.17-0.37, Mn: 0.40-0.70, Cr: 0.80-1.10, Mo: 0.15-0.25. Mechanical properties of 20CrMo steel pipe: tensile strength 410 Mpa; yield strength: 265mpa; elongation after fracture: 24; reduction of area: 60; impact absorption energy: 110J. 20CrMo steel pipe belongs to alloy structure steel pipe, which has high thermal strength, good high-temperature strength, good machinability, medium cold bending plasticity, high hardenability and good welding performance at 500-520℃. EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar, 20CrMo steel pipe is generally used in quenching and tempering state.

The wear resistance of the surface of the wear-resistant composite plate not only has good hardness, but also can be added with nickel alloy to improve its corrosion resistance. Generally, there are few single working conditions in the industry, and there are more or less heterogeneous factors such as wear and corrosion, high temperature, impact, etc., the chromium-nickel alloy of the wear-resistant layer of the composite steel plate, EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar, is welded, so its wear resistance is good, and it also has good corrosion resistance.

Customer first, reputation first, high-quality and perfect after-sales service is the extension of our product value and an important guarantee for the interests of customers. The purpose of our EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar service quality management system is to establish and constantly improve a scientific, reasonable and efficient service quality management system, and complete the after-sales service quality guarantee work of customers fairly, accurately and timely, For our company's EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar customer service to establish a good, comprehensive, full service system.

As leading EN10025-6 S460QL structural steel plates supplier in China, our company has supplied hundreds of thousands tons S460QL steel plates to clients to assist them finish one after another EN10083-3 alloy steel round bar magnificent projects.

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