42crmo4 vs 4140 heavy plate production line

42crmo4 vs 4140 heavy plate production line

42crmo4 vs 4140 heavy plate production line

On Jan. 31, 2019, BBN steel held the annual meeting with all employees, family members, and friends. It is a moment of joyand it is a moment to summarize the past and look forward.Looking back on 2018, BBN steel exported 42crmo4 vs 4140 more than 2 million tons of steel materials to all parts of the world and made outstanding contributions to infrastructure construction at home and abroad. In 2019, BBN steel will make persistent efforts and forge ahead.

Can 42crmo4 vs 4140, 40Cr material be replaced with 40MnB steel? 40MnB steel is used to manufacture small and medium-sized important quenched and tempered parts in tractors, automobiles and other general machinery and equipment, such as automobile half shafts, steering shafts, spline shafts, worms and machine tool spindles, gear shafts, etc. 40MnB steel can replace 40Cr material to make parts with larger cross-sections, such as the middle shaft of a hoist. And 40MnB steel can replace 40CrNi steel when making small-sized parts.

Our ogistics department has a professioanl team to support the goods’ transportation and delivery time. Its responsibilities: make customs clearance documents, track products production process, and update shipping information for customers. The company will adhere to the mission of reflecting social values, take the scientific management system as the guarantee of daily operations, and provide continuous technological innovation to support its sustainable development.

Myanmar 4800 tons ABS AH36 and ABS A shipbuilding plates. This is very good customer of us, and we have cooperated many times for shipbuilding plates 42crmo4 vs 4140 . The most frequently ordered is shipbuilding plates, almost hundreds tons every 2 month, which are finally supplied to Myanmar’s navy. Just in last year, we have supplier more than 4800 tons shipbuilding plates for the customer continuously.

The spot price of 300 series stainless steel market has been slightly lower, and the previous increase has been further digested. But after the price of 304 hot-rolled plate and 304 cold coil rose, the market bullish mood seems to be stirred again. However, the spot 42crmo4 vs 4140 price did not increase with the period, but mainly based on stable shipment. In particular, the current price of 304 hot-rolled large plate futures is close to the spot price; in addition, the recent poor market transaction price increases slightly resistance.

Our company has strict quality control standards. If you want to visit our factory, you are welcome at any time! We produce a lot of steel products every month to export 42crmo4 vs 4140 to all over the world. Because our customers are from all countries, they will order a large number of steel products from our company every month.

We have a high-quality elite team, with a wealth of steel products resources and business experience. The company has established a perfect career development channel to provide all employees with broad job development opportunities, clear career planning, so that the potential can be fully explored, talent can be fully exploited, and a platform for employees to realize the value of life can be built, so as to realize the common growth and development with employees in the long-term development of the company.

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