42CrMo4 +QT steel price is expected to go up in Korea

42CrMo4 +QT steel price is expected to go up in Korea

42CrMo4 +QT steel price is expected to go up in Korea

ArcelorMittal USA said 42CrMo4 +QT steel it was planning to work with the United Steelworkers union "to minimize the impact on its employees. The company will continue to communicate with its customers to understand the market impact of the outbreak of covid-19, which may require additional capacity optimization to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

When talking about our team, it is hard not to mention our QC department (Quality Control). We have built strict qualitycontrol system to guarantee the steel quality. During the steel materials production, we have strict monitoring measures and indicators, and ensure no chemical composition, mechnical properties and so on technical problems for the steel materials 42CrMo4 +QT steel. After production, our QC department will conduct another inspection regarding to the steel quantity, dimension, mark and so on points before delivery.

Shipbuilding steel plates have always been the key products of our company, and it is sold well in many countries and regions around the world. The thinnest certifiable thickness of our shipbuilding steel plates is up to 3mm. We cooperate with classification societies to certify the shipbuilding steel 42CrMo4 +QT steel and issue EN10204 3.2 material test certificate. According to the certificate number, the customer can verify the source of the shipbuilding steel plates with the corresponding classification society near them.

After years of operation and accumulation, the company has formed an operation network covering major economic cities across the country, with a group of high-quality professional logistics technicians and management personnel, strong strength and stable logistics channels. The company's business operations include the loading and unloading of steel raw materials and finished materials, 42CrMo4 +QT steel warehousing, and freight transportation. Our logistics service business has passenger transportation, automobile and construction machinery inspection, logistics information management and operations.

The wear-resistant composite plate, 42CrMo4 +QT steel should be pre heat treated to eliminate the residual stress produced in the machining process. If conditions permit, vacuum heating quenching and cryogenic treatment after quenching should be selected as far as possible. On the premise of ensuring the hardness of steel plate, pre cooling, step cooling and quenching or high temperature quenching should be selected as far as possible. For some wear-resistant composite plates, pre heat treatment, aging heat treatment and quenching, tempering and nitriding heat treatment can be used to control the accuracy of the wear-resistant composite plate.

The company is mainly engaged in 42CrMo4 +QT steel steel plates manufacturing and deep processing, sales and distribution. It is committed to building a complete modern steel purchase and sale network. Here we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our old and new friends who have always given care, support, affirmation and help, and sincerely hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with them for mutual benefit, win-win and common development, and work 42CrMo4 +QT steel together for a better tomorrow.

Our company will accept the product quality objection registration record, pass it to the 42CrMo4 +QT steel production unit and relevant departments, and timely coordinate the supervision of product 42CrMo4 +QT steel quality objection. Our company coordinates the relevant department personnel to the customer unit to carry on the investigation, the processing.

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