35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy color coated steel sheet

35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy color coated steel sheet

35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy color coated steel sheet

The development 35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy of the company comes from the resource advantage, service advantage, logistics advantage and brand advantage established over the years, and it is also inseparable from the full support of new and old customers. We will uphold the support of all sectors of society, actively provide users with 35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy high-quality and efficient services, work together for win-win, and create a better tomorrow!

CCS Grade B hot rolled steel is a ordinary strength marine steel plate. Our plates and sheets thickness are supplied up to 150mm. We have stock of 35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy, CCS Grade B hot rolled steel: 5.5*2790*10680, 27*1700*4350, 18*2000*10000, 9*2310*7060, 27*1700*4350, 45*2200*10000, 12*2000*10000, 16*2000*10000, 50*1770*7730, 14*1800*10000, 14*2000*10000, 11*1650*9000, 75*1050*9140, 40*2200*10000, 18*2000*9820, 14*2000*10000, 30*1500*6000, 75*1430*9140, 40*2000*8000, 80*1800*7000.

API 5CT N80 casing pipe is important equipment for oil drilling . API 5CT N80 casing pipe main application is to support the sidewall of the oil well during drilling. API 5CT N80 oil casing pipe plays an important role to guarantee the normal operation of the whole well drilling work.

Machining of 35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy, wear resistant steel plate: wear resistant steel plate has good cutting and shearing properties. During machining, the cutting tools and feeding speed should be used reasonably according to the hardness of steel plate. Common tools are made of high speed steel or cemented carbide steel, and carbide surface tools are required for grinding. Wear resistant steel plate can be welded to structural steel by arc welding.

35SiMn steel chemical elements: C: 0.32-0.40, Si: 1.10-1.40, Mn: 1.10-1.40. The mechanical properties of 35SiMn steel: tensile strength 885 MPa; yield strength 735 MPa; elongation after fracture: 15; reduction of area: 45; impact energy: 47J. 35SiMn steel belongs to alloy quenched and tempered steel with good properties and can be used instead of 40Cr steel. After quenching and tempering, 35CrMoV steel grade 34CrMo4 alloy, 35SiMn steel has high static strength, fatigue strength, wear resistance, good toughness, good hardenability and medium plasticity during cold deformation.

Adhere to the spirit of quality first and user foremost, carry out maintenance and other work according to the requirements of the buyer's contract, and ensure that the engineering project and product after-sales play their application effectiveness. Our company guarantees to carry out self inspection and self supervision according to the quality management policy proposed by our company, and deliver a high-grade, perfect and excellent system engineering to users.

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