25CrMoS4 steel flat bar chemical composition and other common knowledge

25CrMoS4 steel flat bar chemical composition and other common knowledge

25CrMoS4 steel flat bar chemical composition and other common knowledge

The development 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar of the company comes from the resource advantage, service advantage, logistics advantage and brand advantage established over the years, and it is also inseparable from the full support of new and old customers. We will uphold the support of all sectors of society, actively provide users with 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar high-quality and efficient services, work together for win-win, and create a better tomorrow!

EN10025-3 S275N steel is a normalized or normalized rolled weldable fine grain structural steel grade. S275N plates shall be under normalized delivery condition and be done low temperature impacting test at -20℃when rolling. If customers request the limited for some chemical compositions, such as P and S,our mill also can satisfy this strict request when processing owning to our highest technical. For the available thickness, 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar, S275N plate is supplied up to 250mm.

NM400 wear plate is widely used in mining machinery, coal mining machinery, environmental protection machinery, engineering machinery and other product parts. Such as excavator, loader, bulldozer bucket plate, blade, side blade, crusher liner, etc.. NM400 wear plate is also commonly used as high-strength structural steel with yield strength ≥ 800MPa. The main function of NM400 wear plate is to provide protection in places or parts where wear resistance is required, so as to prolong the service life of the equipment.

We can cut the large steel plates 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar by your requirements, but to the width and length your demand; we can make the surface of the cut steel plate to be bright by milling and grinding, also can make holes and make angle degrees, and can weld by your drawing. For the 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar product thickness under 30mm, we mainly cut by laser cutting; for thickness over 30mm, mainly OXY-cut, flame cutting. The processing plates conclude cutting the larger plate into the small sizes customer demand, cut by drawing, cut to special sizes, weld the cut parts by drawing.

Hot Rolled Plates 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar Machining
After final forging/forming and Heat treatment process, all the pipe Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners, Etc. are sent for machining i.e. and preparation, O/D and I/D matching as per dimensional codes. An Expert Q.C. engineer is involved and he keeps constant vigil on every machining operation. Step machining is carried out as required by the codes. GO and NO-GO gauges are used to check the O/D & I/D of the fittings, Flanges, etc.

Our company will accept the product quality objection registration record, pass it to the 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar production unit and relevant departments, and timely coordinate the supervision of product 25CrMoS4 steel flat bar quality objection. Our company coordinates the relevant department personnel to the customer unit to carry on the investigation, the processing.

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