Whether 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel can be quenched to obtain martensite

Whether 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel can be quenched to obtain martensite

Whether 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel can be quenched to obtain martensite

Chrome-Moly low alloy steel 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel series contains 0.5% - 9% Cr and 0.5% - 1% Mo and lower than 0.20% carbon. 40CrNiMoA, 4340 and SNCM439 are the low alloy chromoly steel materials from the different standards. 40CrNiMoA steel 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel is a Chinese standard chromium-molybdenum high strength steel with good hardenability and toughness.

The factory is located in the central China, with convenient transportation and abundant resources. The main products are various construction steel plates, steel pipes, steel sections, and steel structure processing parts. Used in the 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel manufacture of railway tracks, pressure vessels, boilers, hulls, bridges, various types of steel, etc. With an annual output of 2.23 million tons of steel plates, 2.04 million tons of steel pipes and 1.54 million tons of section steel in 2002, it is an important pig iron base in Henan Province.

Steel can be divided into ordinary steel and special steel, which is an important symbol of a country's steel production level. The special steel includes spring steel, round steel, die steel, heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, bearing steel and so on. Compared with ordinary steel, the 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel special steel has better physical properties, higher strength, stronger compressive strength and better accuracy. At the same time, the special steel has better chemical properties, such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel controlled rolling is that, on the basis of adjusting the chemical composition of 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel, by controlling the heating temperature, rolling temperature, deformation system and other process parameters, the change law of austenite structure and the microstructure of phase transformation products are controlled, so as to achieve the purpose of refining the structure and improving the strength and toughness of 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel.

A36 plates technical parameters, A36 ms steel sheets datasheet: A36 steel consists of carbon 0.25% max., phosphorus 0.040% max., sulphuric 0.050% max., silicon 0.40% max. and copper 0.20% max. Mechanical properties of A36 steel include yield strength 250Mpa min., tensile strength 400-500Mpa and elongation 20% min. Brinell hardness 119-162 HBW, based on the conversion from tensile strength. Modulus of elasticity (Young’s modulus): 200 GPa (29×103 ksi). Shear modulus: 79.3 GPa (11.5×103 ksi). The density of 20MnB5 carbon equivalent steel, A36 plates is 7.85g/cm3.

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