What's the price of 42CrMoS4 steel alloy

What's the price of 42CrMoS4 steel alloy

What's the price of 42CrMoS4 steel alloy

Steel pipe 42CrMoS4 steel alloy manufacturing, environmental protection equipment and other manufacturers supply steel products, which have been well received by new and old customers. Steel sales have maintained a strong growth momentum and have achieved a good reputation in the steel industry. The 42CrMoS4 steel alloy company has a young, energetic and service spirit, high-quality management team.

45MnB characteristics and applications: alloy structural steel has good hardenability, the critical hardenable diameter in oil reaches 17 ~ 31mm. The machinability of steel 42CrMoS4 steel alloy is good, the forging and heat treatment process performance is also good, the tendency of grain growth, oxidation, decarburization and heat treatment deformation is also small when heated. 45MnB steel is mainly used for gears on machine tools, spindles of drilling machines, turning shafts and cams of tractors.

The difference between 42CrMoS4 steel alloy, hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet: hot rolled sheet has low hardness, easy processing and good ductility. The cold-rolled sheet has high hardness and relatively difficult processing, but it is not easy to deform and has high strength. The cold rolled sheet is mostly used in automobile manufacturing and electrical products. Therefore, the two have their own characteristics. According to these characteristics, it is more appropriate to choose the right rolled plate to maximize its effect and benefit.

Phosphorus is a very harmful element in 42CrMoS4 steel alloy steel. With the increase of phosphorus content, the strength, flexion ratio and hardness of 42CrMoS4 steel alloy steel increased, but the plasticity and toughness decreased significantly. In particular, the lower the temperature, the greater the impact on plasticity and toughness, increase the cold brittleness of steel.

A387 Gr 91 Cl 1 alloy steel is an option for use in sour service environments. The material has good weldability and with its heat resistant qualities, the material is a highly versatile steel which can be used in numerous applications.
A387 Gr 91 Cl 1 steel tensile requirements
Tensile strength, ksi [MPA]: 85 to 110 [585 to 760]
Yield strength, min, ksi [MPa]/(0.2% offset): 60 [415]
Elongation in 2 in. [50mm], min, %: 18

We are a professional exporter of JIS 3101 SS 540 steel and a steel stockist in China. We stock more than 1000 tons of JIS 3101 SS 540 steel every month. If you want to get the price of JIS 3101 SS 540 steel, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time if you have any need for the 42CrMoS4 steel alloy chemical composition and mechanical properties of JIS 3101 SS 540.

With a high-quality and complete after-sales service system, the company solves the user's hindrance and improves the reliability of steel 42CrMoS4 steel alloy product quality. Reaching every corner of the globe with professional services, users anywhere can get thoughtful and detailed services form us is our pursue. We promise all our steel materials are manufactured and tested in accordance with responding standards. We will take full responsibility for the quality of the steel materials we provide.

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