What is the top ten suppliers of EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet in Nigeria

What is the top ten suppliers of EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet in Nigeria

What is the top ten suppliers of EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet in Nigeria

DIN 34CrMo4 steel Strength, high hardenability, toughness, and quenching small deformation, high strength and creep rupture strength at high temperatures. Requirements for the manufacture of higher intensity than the 35CrMo steel EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet and tempered forging greater cross-section, such as a large locomotive traction gears, supercharger drive gear, pressure vessels, gear, rear axle, greatly affected by load and spring clip link It can also be used to 2000m deep oil drill pipe joints and fishing tools, and EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet can be used bending machine mold, etc.

The automobile structure EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet steel coil is one of our featured products. The main standards for automobile structure steel coil are JIS G3113, EN 10149-2, Q-BQB 310-2009, SEW092, DIN 17102, etc. The automobile structure steel coil is always pickled. For the steel coil, our processing center provide slitting, cutting etc. services. Our main automobile structure steel grades are SAPH440, S355MC, S500MC, S700MC, QStE380TM, QStE500TM, EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet etc.

The price of common carbon plate is relatively low compared with other kinds of steel EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet, and it can be used in a wide range of occasions, such as construction, machinery manufacturing, etc. Therefore, carbon plate is favored by users all over the world. And because of its large demand, fast circulation, the steel suppliers and exporters would like to keep huge carbon plate stocks, and thus the delivery is very quick. We also have large quantity stock for carbon plates. And we provide further processing for the carbon plate.

EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet controlled rolling is that, on the basis of adjusting the chemical composition of EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet, by controlling the heating temperature, rolling temperature, deformation system and other process parameters, the change law of austenite structure and the microstructure of phase transformation products are controlled, so as to achieve the purpose of refining the structure and improving the strength and toughness of EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet.

The difference between EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet, 10# seamless steel pipe and 20# seamless steel pipe:
1. Chemical composition
Chemical composition of 10# seamless steel pipe: C: 0.07-0.13, Si: 0.17-0.37, Mn: 0.35-0.65, Cr: 0.15, Ni: 0.30, Cu: 0.25. Chemical composition of 20# seamless steel pipe: C: 0.07-0.23, Si: 0.17-0.37, Mn: 0.35-0.65, Cr: 0.25, Ni: 0.30, Cu: 0.25
2. Mechanical properties
10# seamless steel pipe: tensile strength: 335 MPa, yield strength: 205 MPa, elongation: 31%. 20# seamless steel pipe: tensile strength: 410 MPa, yield strength: 245 MPa, elongation: 25%.

We are specialized in offering hot rolled ASTM A516 steel plate, which are used in various engineering applications and can be availed in various grades like carbon steel EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet A516 Grade 60 steel plate , A516 Grade 65 steel plate, A516 Grade 70 boiler steel plate, ASTM A516 GRADE 60 plates Trippled Certified, ASTM A516 GRADE 60 Plates Dual Certified. Our boiler plates are available in the form of steel plate, steel sheet, steel sections. If you are interested in EN 10083-3 36NiCrMo16 sheet boiler plate, welcome to contact us.

Our company regularly visits customers, consults and follows up the after-sales service, and directly solves problems for customers. In the use of our steel materials, whether quality problems or not, the after-sales will help solve the problem as soon as possible. We promise free life-long replacement for any product quality problems. The sound after-sales service system make you free from worries.

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