What is the strongest 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel?

What is the strongest 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel?

What is the strongest 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel?

The company cooperates with 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel steel plants such as Maanshan Iron and Steel, Youdan, Liugang, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Xinyu, Jinan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Shagang, Rizhao, Pinggang, Xicheng, Dachang and other steel mills all year round. Alloy plate, 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel boiler plate, container plate, carbon plate, open plate, I-beam, angle steel, channel steel, H-beam, round steel, steel pipe, hot rolled coil, cold rolled galvanized and other spot stocks.

15Mo3 steel is a kind of pearlitic heat-resistant steel, which can still show its characteristics under high temperature and long time load. 15Mo3 steel is used for heating surface of 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel low and medium pressure boiler (working pressure is generally not more than 5.88MPA, and working temperature is below 450 ℃). 15Mo3 steel is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, boiler and other industries. 15Mo3 steel is used to make reactor, heat exchanger, separator, spherical tank, oil and gas tank, liquefied gas tank, etc.

Alloy steel plate is a kind of high strength steel plate with excellent performance in all aspects. In the current market environment, the performance requirements for steel plate are also higher and higher, ordinary steel plate has been far from meeting the market demand, and the emergence of alloy steel plate has broken this deficiency. The alloy steel plate is improved from the traditional steel plate, which is a new high improvement to the performance of the traditional steel plate. Today let us have a learn of 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel, alloy steel plate together.

The microscopic strength of the 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel, wear-resistant steel plate refers to the strength of the hard phase, but the higher the strength, the higher the wear resistance. Strength is the basis of high-quality wear resistance of wear-resistant steel plates, but the relationship between strength and wear resistance is not proportional; wear-resistant steel plates are often wear-resistant, the root cause is that there are hard particles and soft conventions.

Chemical composition of 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate: Carbon C: 0.08-0.15; Silicon Si: 0.17-0.37; Manganese Mn: 0.40-0.70; Sulfur S: allowable residual content ≤ 0.035; Phosphorus P: allowable residual content ≤ 0.035; Chromium Cr: 0.90-1.20; Nickel Ni: allowable residual content ≤ 0.030; Cu: allowable residual content ≤ 0.030; V: 0.15-0.30; Mo: 0.25-0.30.Delivery status of 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel, 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate: delivered in heat treatment (normalizing, annealing or high temperature tempering) or non heat treatment status, and the delivery status shall be indicated in the contract.

The company will rely on its good reputation, excellent hot-rolled plates, steel pipes, steel structure products, and intimate 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel after-sales service to customers. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the old and new friends and customers who have always given care, support and help to the company! The company sincerely hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with them, mutual benefit and common development. Welcome to come and visit our 34CrMoS4 alloy heat treatable steel steel mill.

Through the operation and management, brand advantage and improve pre-sales, sale of after-sales service, the efforts of the company into the industry leading enterprises.Relying on perfect quality management system, it has built up competition predominance and provided high quality, favorable price and perfect after service for customers.

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