What is the manufacturing method of 51CrV4 distributor

What is the manufacturing method of 51CrV4 distributor

What is the manufacturing method of 51CrV4 distributor

Based on the principle of quality and respect for customers, BBNsteel maintains good cooperative relations with customers in home and abroad. With modern management, high-quality products, reasonable prices and comprehensive after-sales service, we provide our customers with high quality and low price 51CrV4 distributor products.

When cutting extra thick 51CrV4 distributor steel plates, the cutting speed should not be too fast. Many processing and production industries will encounter such problems, that is, in order to speed up the cutting of extra thick steel plates, many details will be ignored in the process of these process operations, so it is easy to produce waste parts, and some plates 51CrV4 distributor will crack. So when cutting extra thick steel plates, you must pay attention to the speed, which can not be too fast. Low-speed processing can effectively improve work efficiency.

42CrMo steel plate is an ultra-high strength steel plate, which is widely used in machinery manufacturing steel. The steel is suitable for manufacturing large and medium-sized plastic molds that require certain strength and toughness. 42CrMo steel has high strength and toughness, good hardenability, no obvious temper brittleness, high fatigue limit and multiple impact resistance after quenching and tempering, and good low temperature impact toughness.

For low alloy high strength steel, the addition of small amounts of V, Ti, Nb, AI and other grain refining elements not only further improves the strength, but also improves the toughness of the steel. In 51CrV4 distributor, low alloy high strength steel, rare earth element Re is sometimes added to eliminate harmful impurities in the steel, improve the shape and distribution of inclusions, and weaken its cold brittleness. A small amount of alloying elements has a significant effect on improving the mechanical properties of steel. For example, adding only 1% Mn to Q235 becomes Q345 steel, but its strength increases by nearly 40% to 345 MPa.

Q/BQB 310-2009 SAPH310 automotive structural steel technical data
Chemical composition (melting analysis)%
Carbon : ≤0.10, Silicon : ≤0.05, Manganese: ≤0.50, Phosphorus: ≤0.035, Sulfur: ≤0.035, Aluminum: ≥0.01
Mechanical properties
Yield strength MPa: ≥185
Tensile strength MPa: ≥310
Elongation: ≥35

BBN steel is a leading suppliers of hot rolled steel plates for engineering applications, offering a variety of plate widths and thicknesses alongside accurate in-house cutting and profiling services. If you would like any more information about our inventory, or would like to place an order with us, pls feel free to contact us.

Adhere to the spirit of quality first and user foremost, carry out maintenance and other work according to the requirements of the buyer's contract, and ensure that the engineering project and product after-sales play their application effectiveness. Our company guarantees to carry out self inspection and self supervision according to the quality management policy proposed by our company, and deliver a high-grade, perfect and excellent system engineering to users.

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