What is the manufacturing method of 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor

What is the manufacturing method of 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor

What is the manufacturing method of 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor

BEBON Iron & Steel has fully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, marine steel has passed 9 countries' classification societies, and construction steel has obtained the CE Lloyd's CE Mark certification. The main body of 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor steel passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The main 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor production processes and technical equipment of the enterprise have reached the international advanced level, the comprehensive competitiveness has entered the international advanced ranks, and the international influence has been significantly enhanced.

ASTM A633 material is particularly suited for service at low ambient temperatures and higher where notch toughness better than that expected in as-rolled material of a comparable strength level is desired. 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor, A633 Grade E high-strength low-alloy structural steel provides a minimum yield point of 60 ksi [415 MPa] in thicknesses up to 4.0 in. [100 mm], inclusive and 55 ksi [380 MPa] in thicknesses over 4 in. to 6 in. [100 to 150 mm], inclusive.

20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor, Wear resistant steel plate has good temperature resistance:
Wear resistant steel plate alloy carbide has a strong stability at high temperature, wear-resistant steel plate can be used within 500℃, and other special requirements can be customized. It can meet the conditions within 1200℃; ceramic, polyurethane, polymer materials and other wear-resistant materials can not meet such high-temperature requirements.

When pouring the wear-resistant steel plate with high Mn content, the content of manganese oxide in the mold powder will increase during the pouring process. The higher the Mn content in wear-resistant steel plate, 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor, the more manganese oxide content in the mold powder. The higher the content of manganese oxide, the lower the viscosity of mold flux, which deviates from the initial viscosity of slag and gets the ideal value.

Q690E high strength steel chemical composition: C: 0.08-0.15, Si: 0.17-0.37, Mn: 0.40-0.70, S: ≤0.035, P: ≤0.035, Cr: 0.30~0.60, Cu: ≤0.030, Ni: ≤0.030, V: 0.15-0.30, Mo: 0.25-0.35
Q690E mechanical properties:
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥440
Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥225
Elongation δ5 (%): ≥22
Reduction of area ψ (%): ≥50
Impact energy Akv (J): ≥78

Since its establishment, the company has participated in several key railway and highway projects. After years of development, the company’s 20MnB5 heat treatable steel distributor domestic market has been exported to more than a dozen provinces and cities including Kunming, Shenzhen, Hunan, Sichuan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Heihe, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang . International trade is exported to Kazakhstan, South Korea, Vietnam, South Africa and many other countries, and has been well received by customers.

First of all, we should establish a correct concept of after-sales service. Service concept is an important part of corporate culture and a long-term enterprise value concept. Our company's after-sales service embodies the concept of "customer first, sincere service for customers". As long as we are in the "sincere service for users" under the guidance of the idea, I believe we will get rich returns.

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