What is the difference between 1018 and 51crv4 pipe and fittings steel?

What is the difference between 1018 and 51crv4 pipe and fittings steel?

What is the difference between 1018 and 51crv4 pipe and fittings steel?

We have a very 51crv4 pipe and fittings extensive commodity information network, with partners all over the world, and have become the full authority of many European and American traders in China. Under the guidance of the business philosophy of "creating the best service" and through the unremitting efforts of all employees, we have achieved remarkable results.

The SM570 steel plate has a yield strength of more than 460MPa and a 60Kg strength grade steel because it contains a variety of alloying elements, including microalloying elements, and can often achieve higher strength in the state of hot rolling or controlled rolling, but the impact toughness fluctuates greatly. 51crv4 pipe and fittings product Normalizing has the advantages of uniform and stable steel structure and performance, high qualification rate, and easy control of the production process.

Cold rolled coil products 51crv4 pipe and fittings have accurate size and uniform thickness, and the thickness difference of coil is generally less than 0.01-0.03mm or less, which can fully meet the requirements of high precision tolerance. The surface quality of cold rolled products 51crv4 pipe and fittings is superior, and there are no defects such as pockmarks, pressing iron oxide scale and so on, which often appear in hot rolled coils. According to the requirements of users, coils 51crv4 pipe and fittings with different surface roughness can be produced (glossy surface or matte surface, etc.).

The common delivery status of 51crv4 pipe and fittings, SA516 Gr 70 plate is as follows:
1) SA516 Gr 70 plate quenching: the process of rapid cooling after heating to the temperature above the phase transformation point.
2) SA516 Gr 70 plate normalizing: after heating above the phase transition temperature, it is cooled normally (in air).
3) SA516 Gr 70 plate annealing: heating to above the phase transition temperature, cooling slowly.
4) SA516 Gr 70 plate tempering: after quenching, it is heated to a certain temperature (lower than the quenching temperature), kept warm, and then cooled.

A537 grade 70 steel with the thickness range is 1.2-600mm, the width range is 1220-4200mm, and the length range is 5000-18000mm. Also note that the 51crv4 pipe and fittings, A537 grade 70 steel coil thickness should not exceed 25 mm. The mechanical properties of A537 grade 70 steel is yield strength is 290MPa, and the tensile strength is 485-620Mpa.

The strip steel thickness is generally below 6mm, which is convenient for crimping and processing. You should choose the 51crv4 pipe and fittings, strip steel specifications according to your own purposes. The specifications and materials used for different purposes are different, so you must confirm it before buying. It is best to ask professionals to give advice before purchasing strip steel, and purchase the specifications and types you need according to the corresponding requirements.

Compared with other fast-moving consumer goods, steel consumption is obviously different, with a wide range of use and a long service life. Therefore, the quality and service of steel materials are particularly important. Service is always one of our top concerns, especially after-sales service. We have mature after-sales service team, and can help you solve problems professionally during application of the steel materials.

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