What is the 51crv4 steel yield pipe schedule

What is the 51crv4 steel yield pipe schedule

What is the 51crv4 steel yield pipe schedule

In terms of service, our service is a "one-stop" way of working. We have our own 51crv4 steel yield processing plant and pretreatment plant, pretreatment of ship steel (shot blasting, derusting, painting). Technical parameters of steel plate and profile steel surface pretreatment production line. We can also let customers enjoy our other pretreatment services, such as 51crv4 steel yield cutting, welding, drilling, galvanizing, etc., at the lowest cost.

Flat steel is divided into galvanized flat steel, carbon flat steel, stainless steel flat steel, etc. according to the material. Flat steel can be divided into hot-rolled flat steel and forged flat steel according to the forging process. 51crv4 steel yield, Hot-rolled flat steel is a potential-rolled long steel with a rectangular cross-section for general use. Forged flat steel is a long steel plate with a rectangular cross section that is forged. Hot-rolled spring flat steel is mainly used to manufacture leaf springs for automobiles, tractors, railway transportation and other machinery. The thickness of the flat steel is 8-50mm, the width is 150-625mm, and the length is 5-15m.

After quenching and tempering, 40Cr alloy steel plate and 51crv4 steel yield sheet have good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity. The hardenability of steel 51crv4 steel yield is good. It can be hardened to Ф28 ~ 60mm during water quenching and Ф15 ~ 40mm during oil quenching. In addition to quenching and tempering, this steel is also suitable for cyanidation and induction hardening. The cutting performance is better. When the hardness is HB174 ~ 229, the relative cutting workability is 60%. 40Cr alloy steel is suitable for making medium-sized plastic molds.

The effect of elements in 51crv4 steel yield, wear-resistant steel plate on high-temperature temper embrittlement can be divided into: (1) Impurity elements such as phosphorus, tin, antimony and so on that cause the high-temperature temper brittleness of the wear-resistant steel plate. (2) Alloy elements that promote or slow down the brittleness of high temperature tempering in different forms and degrees. Chromium, manganese, nickel, silicon, etc. play a promoting role, while molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, etc. play a retarding role. Carbon also plays a catalytic role.

51crv4 steel yield, P355GH plate mechanical properties: P355GH steel plate thickness/mm:> 60-100: tensile strength σb / MPa: 490-630; yield strength σx / MPa:> = 315 Impact absorption energy AKv / J:> = 34. Steel plate thickness / mm:> 100-150: tensile strength σb / MPa: 480-630,y ield strength σx / MPa:> = 295 Impact absorption energy AKv / J:> = 34. Chemical composition % (C:0.10-0.22, Si:<=03.60, Mn:1.00-1.70, Nb:<=0.010, Ti:<=0.03 S:<=0.030, P:<=0.025, Cr:<=0.30, Ni:<=0.30, Cu:<=0.30, Mo:<=0.10, V <=0.02)

Over the years, the company has maintained long-term stable business relationships with major domestic steel mills and foreign steel companies. The company's main boiler and pressure vessel steel plates, low alloy high-strength steel plates, wear-resistant steel plates, corrosion-resistant steel plates, 51crv4 steel yield bridge steel plates , strucural teel plates, steel plates for alloy structures, mold steel plates, steel plates for shipbuilding and production platforms, composite steel plates, steel plates for oil and gas pipelines. Welcome to come China and visit our 51crv4 steel yield production line.

From the order to the delivery, there are three quality inspections to ensure that the qualified rate of finished products is more than 100%. We promise that every order will be tracked in a timely manner to ensure that customers can receive goods safely and constantly listen to their opinions and suggestions, reflect on our own problems, and let customers feel at ease. We have a large warehouse in Shanghai and Tianjin, which can provide customers with sufficient sources of supply.

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