What is special-shaped 50CrMo4 tensile requirement

What is special-shaped 50CrMo4 tensile requirement

What is special-shaped 50CrMo4 tensile requirement

In today's 50CrMo4 tensile requirement steel market, most of the varieties are in excess of demand, especially after China's accession to the WTO, steel enterprises are facing increasingly fierce market competition. In order to make enterprises win a good survival and development space, operators must make effective use of 50CrMo4 tensile requirement market information resources to improve the scientificity of business decision-making and enhance the enterprises' domestic competitiveness Competitiveness in the external market.

Pipeline steel 50CrMo4 tensile requirement refers to the hot rolled coil plate or wide thick plate used to transport oil, natural gas and other large-diameter welded steel pipes. In the process of using pipeline steel, it is required not only to have high compressive strength, but also to have high low temperature toughness and excellent welding performance. Pipeline steel plates are used to make oil and gas pipelines. The main 50CrMo4 tensile requirement pipeline steel grades are API 5L grade B, API 5L X42, API 5L X60, API 5L X65 and so on.

Cold rolled steel sheet has high strength, high hardness, high surface finish and is generally thin plate, which can be used for stamping. The production process of 50CrMo4 tensile requirement, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates is different. Hot rolled steel plate is rolled at high temperature, while cold rolled steel plate is rolled at normal temperature. Generally speaking, cold-rolled steel plate has better strength and hot-rolled steel plate has better ductility.

Phosphorus element (P element) is brought into steel by ore. Generally speaking, phosphorus is also harmful element. Although phosphorus can increase the strength and hardness of 50CrMo4 tensile requirement etc. steel, it also causes the decrease of plasticity and impact toughness. Especially at low temperature, it makes steel significantly brittle, which is called "cold brittleness". The higher the phosphorus content is, the greater the cold brittleness is. Therefore, the phosphorus content in 50CrMo4 tensile requirement etc. steel is strictly controlled.

T11 steel is a steel grade produced according to American Standard ASTM A213. T11 steel is used for boiler, superheater and heat exchanger tubes with minimum wall thickness. Chemical composition of ASTM A213 T11 steel: C 0.05-0.15, Si 0.50-1.00, Mn 0.30-0.60, P, S ≤ 0.025, Cr 1.00-1.50, Mo 0.44-0.65. Mechanical properties of ASTM A213 T11 steel: tensile strength ≥ 415 Mpa, yield strength ≥ 170 Mpa, elongation ≥ 30%. The main ASTM A213 steel pipe grades are A213 T11, A213 T12, A213 T22, 50CrMo4 tensile requirement, etc.

We have a professional production team and high-quality production equipment, and we also have a great 50CrMo4 tensile requirement advantage in price, with its own factory, large-scale production to reduce the price. Strictly control each production line to ensure the 50CrMo4 tensile requirement production of high-quality steel plates, steel pipes and other products that meet customer requirements.

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