What harm does the excessive weld height of 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part bring

What harm does the excessive weld height of 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part bring

What harm does the excessive weld height of 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part bring

The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality and low-cost 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part steel products as the goal, striving to create value for customers as its own responsibility. With advanced Kaiping processing equipment and strong logistics distribution system, the company can meet the needs of customers at any time. The company has the advantages of 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part complete specifications, low price and fast distribution, With the service concept of keeping promise and valuing quality, it has won the trust and unanimous praise of the majority of users. The scale and strength of the enterprise is in the forefront of domestic metal material business units.

15MnNi steel plate is used for nuclear safety second and third grade pressure vessel steel. Since nuclear power equipment is used in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure and neutron radiation all year round, the steel 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part for equipment manufacturing is required to have suitable strength, high toughness, and low brittle transition temperature. The characteristics of strong performance and anti-radiation ability and low alloy element content, so there are strict requirements in room temperature stretching, high temperature stretching, thickness direction stretching and hardness.

4140 steel is alloy structural steel, and its technical standard is ASTM A29/A29M. It belongs to ultra-high strength steel. 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part, 4140 steel has high strength and toughness, good hardenability, no obvious temper brittleness, high fatigue limit and multiple impact resistance after tempering treatment, and good low temperature impact toughness. 4140 steel is suitable for manufacturing large and medium plastic mould with certain strength and toughness.

The 20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part, wear-resistant plate after VD treatment is generally high-quality wear-resistant plate with high added value. In addition to the strict requirements for the composition of wear-resistant plate, the requirements for the anti-fatigue pull-out damage performance of the wear-resistant plate are also very strict. Therefore, the non-metallic inclusions, especially the large non-metallic inclusions and brittle inclusions, must be strictly controlled.

20MnB5 flat steel for turbine part 2020 October inventory: 16*2200*12000, 10*2400*8450, 27*3510*7900, 14*2070*9060, 38*3300*13400, 30*2020*7000, 10*2400*8300, 35*2230*6000, 10*2200*8000, 8*2210*11000, 30*1600*10720, 25*2100*8400, 23.5*2950*10500, 38*3300*13400, 30*1600*10720, 8*2200*11200, 24*2500*5800, 25*2400*11600, 35*2220*10000, 21.5*1630*13480, 20*1950*9150, 80*2250*8850, 30*1600*10720, 21.5*1630*13480.

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