What grade is EN 10083-3 steel grades?

What grade is EN 10083-3 steel grades?

What grade is EN 10083-3 steel grades?

The company is a leading steel production and exporting group in steel materials with advanced production technology, metal-cutting skill, and steel structures engineering projects. We can supply carbon steel plate and sheet, alloy steel plates and structural EN 10083-3 steel grades steel plates. These hot rolled steel plates are sturdy plates having high quality. Their imperviousness to effect and scrapped area, weld capacity, and workability make them a worthy product in a variety of industries.

C45 steel heat treatment: Quenching has low hardenability, and it is easy to cause uneven hardness of the drill rod during heat treatment, resulting in deformation or even cracking. The hardness after quenching is about 42 degrees, which is much lower than the 55 degrees of 42CrMo brazing rod. Therefore, the wear resistance is extremely poor. Due to its low price, the EN 10083-3 steel grades materials are produced in many places. Therefore, some manufacturers choose when manufacturing low-cost drill rods.

The EN 10083-3 steel grades, wear-resistant steel plate has good impact properties:
The wear-resistant steel plate has a double-layer metal structure. The wear-resistant layer and the base material are metallurgically bonded. It has high bonding strength and can absorb energy in the process of impact. The wear-resistant layer will not fall off. The wear-resistant steel plate can be applied to the working conditions with strong vibration and impact, which is better than cast wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials.

The alloying principle of low alloy high strength steel plate mainly uses solid volume strengthening, fine grain strengthening and precipitation strengthening produced by alloy elements to improve the strength of low alloy high strength steel plate, EN 10083-3 steel grades. At the same time, the effect of fine grain strengthening on the reduction of ductile brittle transition temperature of low alloy high strength steel platel is used to offset the adverse effect of carbon nitride precipitation strengthening on the rise of ductile brittle transition temperature of steel, so that low alloy high strength steel plate can obtain high strength while maintaining good low temperature performance.

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S355J2 hot rolled steel plate executive standard: EN10025-2S355J2 hot rolled steel plate delivery status: control binding, normalizing rolling, normalizingThe European standard S355J2 hot rolled steel plate is available from EN 10083-3 steel grades stock and can be cut and processed according to the requirements of customers; the futures can be produced according to your requirements, and our S355J2 hot rolled steel plate price is preferential and the delivery time is fast, welcome to contact and purchase.

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