What are the top 5 51CrV4 product analysis suppliers in Indonesia

What are the top 5 51CrV4 product analysis suppliers in Indonesia

What are the top 5 51CrV4 product analysis suppliers in Indonesia

As a common 51CrV4 product analysis boiler steel pipe material, P265GH pipe is designed to hold liquid or gases in most high pressure environment such as Gas nuclear reactors, Industrial boiler, Diving cylinders and ect.

API 5L X42 steel plate (L290) is pipeline steel. API 5L X42 steel yield strength is 290 - 495 MPA, and the yield ratio is not more than 0.9. The 51CrV4 product analysis delivery status of API 5L X42 steel plate is hot rolling or controlled rolling. API 5L X42 steel plate (L290) is mainly used for the production of oil and gas gathering and long-distance pipelines or coal and building material slurry pipelines, to serve for transportation of gas, water and oil in the natural gas industry.

The mechanical properties of 30CrMo steel are as follows: tensile strength 930 MPa, yield strength 785 MPa, elongation after fracture 12%, impact absorption energy 63 J. 51CrV4 product analysis, 30CrMo steel has high strength and toughness. When the temperature is lower than 500℃, 30CrMo steel has good high-temperature strength, good machinability, medium cold bending plasticity, high hardenability and good welding performance. 30CrMo steel is generally used in quenched and tempered condition.

The 51CrV4 product analysis, wear-resistant plate after VD treatment is generally high-quality wear-resistant plate with high added value. In addition to the strict requirements for the composition of wear-resistant plate, the requirements for the anti-fatigue pull-out damage performance of the wear-resistant plate are also very strict. Therefore, the non-metallic inclusions, especially the large non-metallic inclusions and brittle inclusions, must be strictly controlled.

EN10149 S600MC cold-forming steel chemical composition%
C:0.12, SI:0.50, MN:1.30, P:0.025, S:0.015, AIT:0.015
The mechanical properties
Yield strength: 600MPA
Tensile strength: 650-820MPA
Elongation: ≥11%

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