What are the top 5 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test suppliers in Indonesia

What are the top 5 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test suppliers in Indonesia

What are the top 5 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test suppliers in Indonesia

The company adheres to green development, supported by scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, vigorously advocates the 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test production and life style of saving, environmental protection, civilization and low carbon, adheres to the new industrialization road and the sustainable development road. Actively carry out international trade and maintain stable economic and trade relations with more than 80 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

There are many types of 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test etc. alloy steel plates, which can be divided into different types according to different standards. If divided according to the element composition of the alloy, the alloy steel plates can be divided into four types. The first is chromium steel, in which chromium is an important part of alloying elements. The second type is chromium-nickel steel, the third is manganese steel, and the last type is silico-manganese steel. The types of these alloy steel plates are named according to the composition of the alloying elements contained in the steel, so you can roughly understand their composition based on their names.

Stainless steel plates are alloy steels with very good strength, precision, and toughness, and can be used for many purposes in processing. The surface of the stainless steel plate is smooth and beautiful, and it can be processed into various high-end hardware products. 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test, Stainless steel plates have outstanding characteristics and a wide range of applications. Stainless steel plates are used outside of buildings in coastal areas to prevent corrosion. The seawater has strong acidity and alkalinity. General steel plates are prone to rust and corrosion for a long time.

30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test, Q345B low alloy steel plate composition:
1) Low carbon: Due to the high requirements for toughness, weldability and cold forming properties, its carbon content does not exceed 0.20%;
2) Add manganese-based alloying elements;
3) Adding auxiliary elements such as niobium, titanium or vanadium: a small amount of niobium, titanium or vanadium forms fine carbides or carbonitrides in the Q345B steel, which is conducive to obtaining fine ferrite grains and improving the strength and toughness of the steel;
In addition, adding a small amount of copper (≤0.4%) and phosphorus (about 0.1%) can improve the corrosion resistance. Adding a small amount of rare earth elements can desulfurize and degas, purify steel, improve toughness and process performance.

Chemical composition of Q390C steel plate: C ≤ 0.20, Si ≤ 0.50, Mn ≤ 1.7, P ≤ 0.030, S ≤ 0.030, Nb ≤ 0.07, V ≤ 0.20, Ti ≤ 0.20, Cr ≤ 0.30, Ni ≤ 0.50, Cu ≤ 0.30, N ≤ 0.015, Mo ≤ 0.10, Al ≤ 0.015. The mechanical properties of Q390C steel plate are: yield strength ≥ 390 MPa, tensile strength 470-620 MPa, elongation after fracture ≥ 18%, impact energy 34J. 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test, Q390C steel plate is used for bridges, vehicles, ships, workshops and other large structural parts, high and medium pressure Petrochemical vessels, boiler tubes, pipes, superheaters, pressure vessels, heavy machinery, etc. application.

The automobile steel coil and sheets are one of our main steel materials exported to the overseas. For any questions about automobile steel, for example, JIS G3113 SAPH440 30MnB5 heat treatable steel tensile test chemical & mechanical composition, S355MC material specification, S700MC material properties, QSTE 380 TM equivalent, please contact us freely. Our sales person and technician will give you professional answers. And welcome to consult us about automobile steel price.

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