What are the requirements for welding thick 51crv4 pipe and fittings

What are the requirements for welding thick 51crv4 pipe and fittings

What are the requirements for welding thick 51crv4 pipe and fittings

The company's operation is based on the principle of "quality for survival, reputation for development". In terms of management, we adhere to the principle of people-oriented, service-oriented and customer-oriented. All staff of the company have the courage to open up, unite and forge ahead, and work hard to grasp the good situation of global economic development, actively strengthen communication with outstanding enterprises in the 51crv4 pipe and fittings industry, keep pace with the times, and move towards a new course!

Our company has 80 tons 51crv4 pipe and fittings, 7mm thickness VL Grade A hot rolled sheets in Tianjin stock. Below is the ship steel VL A plates available specification(mm): 7*2850*9850, 7*1770*6000, 7*1770*6000, 7*1950*10600, 7*2300*6000, 7*3000*12000, 7*3030*6900, 7*3180*8600, 7*2950*7350, 7*1950*10500, 7*2350*7700, 7*3030*7900, 7*3100*9300, 7*2920*9900, 7*2850*11400, 7*2400*11000, 7*3030*8000, 7*3080*7650, 7*1910*6000, 7*2950*9400.

Alloy steel seamless pipe is a kind of high-quality seamless steel pipe with outstanding performance and characteristics. The alloy steel seamless pipe has excellent high-pressure resistance and can withstand greater pressure. Even under pressure, the 51crv4 pipe and fittings, alloy steel seamless pipe is not easy to break, and it is more safe and reliable to use. It also reduces the loss of pipe material and reduces the maintenance work of pipeline.

51crv4 pipe and fittings, Nickel-based alloys are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, energy, and machinery because of their high room temperature and high temperature strength, good oxidation and thermal corrosion resistance, excellent creep and fatigue resistance, good structural stability and reliability. , Building materials, medicine, environmental protection and other industries. The company has developed N08825, N06625, N06600, N06690, N06601 and other nickel-based alloy tube blanks and steel pipe products, which have been implemented in batches in the petrochemical industry.

S960Q plate implements standard EN10025-6S960Q plate application: European standard high-strength steel plate, corresponding to the national standard Q960. 51crv4 pipe and fittings, S960Q plate is suitable for manufacturing various construction machinery, such as drilling rigs, electric shovel, electric wheel dump trucks, mining vehicles, excavators, loaders for mining and various engineering construction, bulldozers, various cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and other mechanical equipment and other structural parts.S960Q plate delivery status: normalizing, normalizing + tempering, quenching and tempering, etc.;Technical requirements for 51crv4 pipe and fittings, S960Q plate, 51crv4 pipe and fittings: UT, Z15-Z25-Z35 thickness direction performance requirements, high-strength and high-toughness.

The company has sufficient stocks and complete specifications. The common carbon steel plates, marine plates, 51crv4 pipe and fittings and storage tank steel plates sold are all produced by large state-owned steel companies such as Shougang, Hegang, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, with quality assurance and worry-free after-sales. The company develops and grows under the concept of seeking innovation in stability and advancing with the times for development. After a short period of development, it has begun to take shape.

Adhere to the spirit of quality first and user foremost, carry out maintenance and other work according to the requirements of the buyer's contract, and ensure that the engineering project and product after-sales play their application effectiveness. Our company guarantees to carry out self inspection and self supervision according to the quality management policy proposed by our company, and deliver a high-grade, perfect and excellent system engineering to users.

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