What are the main factors affecting the hardenability of 51CrV4 steel alloy

What are the main factors affecting the hardenability of 51CrV4 steel alloy

What are the main factors affecting the hardenability of 51CrV4 steel alloy

BEBON Iron & Steel has fully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, marine steel has passed 9 countries' classification societies, and construction steel has obtained the CE Lloyd's CE Mark certification. The main body of 51CrV4 steel alloy steel passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The main 51CrV4 steel alloy production processes and technical equipment of the enterprise have reached the international advanced level, the comprehensive competitiveness has entered the international advanced ranks, and the international influence has been significantly enhanced.

Although Q345E steel plate has stronger torsion resistance and better corrosion resistance than ordinary steel plate, there are still some environments that can cause corrosion to Q345E steel plate. The following environment should be avoided as far as possible to avoid corrosion of 51CrV4 steel alloy, Q345E steel plate. 1. Acid water. 2. Salt water. 3. Nitric acid. 4. Atmospheric erosion. Atmospheric erosion for Q345E steel plate corrosion is reflected in the chloride and pollutant pollution source of Q345E steel plate corrosion, this corrosion is very serious.

Strip steel is a kind of steel plate with thin thickness, narrow width and long length. Strip steel can be made of common carbon steel, carbon structural steel, spring steel, tool steel, stainless steel, etc. Strip steel has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, easy processing and material saving. There are many kinds of strip steel, 51CrV4 steel alloy. Hot rolled steel strip is mainly used for cold-rolled billets, cold-formed steel billets, welded steel pipe billets, manufacture of bicycles and small hardware products.

The density of wear-resistant plate is higher than that of some materials, 51CrV4 steel alloy, which makes its hardness larger. The density of steel for wear-resistant plate is 7.85kg/dm cubic. After quenching, martensite structure is obtained and tempered at 450-600℃, or 350-600℃ after tempering at 650℃. Or after tempering at 650℃ and heating at 350-650℃ for a long time, the wear-resistant plate will be embrittled. If the brittle wear-resistant plate is reheated to 650℃ and then cooled quickly, the toughness can be restored, so it is also called reversible temper brittleness. High temperature temper brittleness is the increase of the transition temperature from toughness to brittleness.

15Mo3 steel plate is used for boiler and high temperature pressure vessel.15Mo3 steel plate executive standard: DIN17155Delivery status of 51CrV4 steel alloy, 15Mo3 steel plate: normalizingNormalizing temperature of 15Mo3 steel plate: 650 ~ 700 ℃Normalizing time of 15Mo3 steel plate: 1.5t-2.5t15Mo3 welding repair: welding repair can only be carried out after the approval of the purchaser.Requirements for tensile properties of 15Mo3 steel plate: tensile strength 450-600 MPa, yield strength 270 MPa.

We are known as 51CrV4 steel alloy leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in the market all over the world. We engage in providing a wide range of plates which are accurately mass produced by using the best quality of parts which gives maximum durability and dependability. The most important thing to know as a potential customer of IRON&STEEL is that we 51CrV4 steel alloy stock, processing service, and distribute all of the popular grades of carbon steel plate, alloy steel, shipbuilding steel and boiler steel. Welcome to come China and visit our factory.

After-sales service team is a key department to test the steel quality. Product quality is always the foundation of our survival and development. The company's full inspection from raw materials to finished products; and implements standardized, scientific, and strict internal quality control and management systems in accordance with the process flow during the production process; products can only leave the factory if qualified, and follow-up problem solving systems are implemented in after-sales services to guarantee the customers’ interest.

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