What are the equivalent steel grades of 51crv4 steel pipe quality?

What are the equivalent steel grades of 51crv4 steel pipe quality?

What are the equivalent steel grades of 51crv4 steel pipe quality?

DIN 34CrMo4 steel Strength, high hardenability, toughness, and quenching small deformation, high strength and creep rupture strength at high temperatures. Requirements for the manufacture of higher intensity than the 35CrMo steel 51crv4 steel pipe quality and tempered forging greater cross-section, such as a large locomotive traction gears, supercharger drive gear, pressure vessels, gear, rear axle, greatly affected by load and spring clip link It can also be used to 2000m deep oil drill pipe joints and fishing tools, and 51crv4 steel pipe quality can be used bending machine mold, etc.

Generally, in the process of selecting 51crv4 steel pipe quality, automobile steel plate manufacturers, the most important thing is to look at the appearance and thickness of automobile steel plates produced by manufacturers. Generally, the appearance of good 51crv4 steel pipe quality, automobile steel products is relatively fine, there are no obvious defects on the surface of automobile steel plate, and the thickness of automobile steel plate is within the specified range value. These are very important factors to measure the production capacity of the manufacturer and the quality of automobile steel plate products.

51crv4 steel pipe quality, Wear-resistant steel plate has good impact resistance:
The base plate of the wear-resistant composite steel plate is tough materials such as low carbon steel, low alloy steel, or stainless steel, which reflects the superiority of bimetal. The wear-resistant layer resists the wear of the wear medium, and the substrate bears the load of the medium, so wear-resistant steel plate has good impact resistance. Wear-resistant steel plate can withstand the impact and wear of the high drop hopper in the material conveying system.

The effect of nitrogen on steel performance is similar to that of carbon and phosphorus. With the increase of 51crv4 steel pipe quality nitrogen content, the strength of steel can be improved, plasticity especially toughness can be significantly reduced, weldability becomes worse, and cold brittleness is intensified. Nitrogen with aluminum, niobium, vanadium and other elements can reduce its adverse effects, improve the performance of 51crv4 steel pipe quality steel, can be used as an alloying element of low alloy steel.

51crv4 steel pipe quality, A572 Grade 50 steel with the thickness range is 1.2-600mm, the width range is 1220-4200mm, and the length range is 5000-18000mm. Also note that the A572 Grade 50 steel coil thickness should not exceed 25 mm. For A572 Grade 50 steel, the C element content is 0.23%, the Si element content is 0.4% max, the Mn element content is 1.35% max, the P element content is 0.004% max, the S element content is 0.05% max, the V element content is 0.06%, the Ni element content is 0.015%, the Co element content is 0.05%.

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