Is 25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar and tool steel the same?

Is 25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar and tool steel the same?

Is 25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar and tool steel the same?

The company adopts modern management concept, adheres to “quality for survival, integrity for development”, and provides customers with high-quality and reliable steel 25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar products and wholehearted service. The company continuously deepens the internal reform of the enterprise, innovates in the reform, develops in the innovation, and gradually forms a set of management and operation mechanism which adapts to the 25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar market and has strong competitiveness.

25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar, No.45 seamless pipe belongs to high strength medium carbon steel, with certain plasticity and toughness, high strength and good machinability. Good comprehensive mechanical properties can be obtained by quenching and tempering treatment. In addition, the hardenability of No.45 seamless pipe is poor, and the water quenching is easy to produce cracks. After quenching and tempering, the small and medium-sized parts can obtain better toughness and higher hardness. For large parts (the section size is more than 80mm), normalizing treatment is appropriate. But the weldability of No.45 steel is poor. The weldment should be preheated before welding and annealed after welding to eliminate welding stress.

16MnDR steel plate is suitable for low temperature pressure vessels manufacturing. Grade 16Mn- indicates that the content of manganese (Mn) in the steel plate is relatively high, about 1% -1.6%, D- indicates low temperature, R- indicates pressure vessel. (Normally, when the content of a certain chemical element in steel is high, it needs to be marked in the material, for example, 1.6% manganese is written as 16Mn; certain elements such as Cr and Mo are higher, written as Cr1, Mo1, Such as 12Cr2Mo1R.) The normal delivery status is normalized delivery (Normalized).

For wear-resistant steel plate, it is not the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance! Hardness is the basis of excellent wear resistance of 25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar, wear-resistant steel plate, but the relationship between hardness and wear resistance is not in direct proportion. The reason why wear-resistant steel plates are wear-resistant is that they have hard particles and soft matrix. Generally, in the process of wear, there will be some falling substances, which will be incorporated into the soft matrix and will not cause great damage to the surface.

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There is a silo technology R&D center in our company with many experts. Our technical backbones go abroad to study advanced technologies regularly to make our technology and products leading in the world. We provide our customers with 25CrMo4 alloy steel material flat bar high-quality steel plates, the excellent quality from specialty. With good reputation, high-quality products, strong strength, and low prices, we welcome the clients from the world to come to visit our factory.

The company's after-sales service team is a high-quality professional team. Most after-sales employees have rich service experience and have reached the level of after-sales engineer. The after-sales department implements the after-sales personnel responsibility system and a 24-hour response mechanism. The company's advanced customer relationship management system provides customers with "standardized and streamlined services". A sound customer relationship maintenance system, and a "one-stop" customer satisfaction tracking system, all reflect our strong after-sales service guarantee.

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