Do you know the 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy thickness range

Do you know the 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy thickness range

Do you know the 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy thickness range

The company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy seamless pipes, longitudinally welded pipes, large-diameter welded pipes, API 5L welded pipes, spiral welded pipes, and large-diameter thick-walled straight seam steel pipes. The company has 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy five production lines in three major production workshops: large-diameter longitudinally welded pipe production workshop,34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy rolled steel pipe production workshop, and thermally expanded steel pipe production workshop, with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tons.

Structural steel for construction is used to build boilers, ships, bridges, workshops and other building materials. This kind of steel usually needs welding construction, so it is generally low carbon steel with carbon content less than 0.25%, which is mostly used in hot rolling or normalizing state. 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy, Structural steel for machinery is used for manufacturing machines or mechanical parts. This kind of steel is often used after carburizing or quenching and tempering. The steel used for carburizing is low carbon steel with carbon content of 0.1% ~ 0.3%. Steel used for quenching and tempering refers to medium carbon steel with carbon content of 0.3% ~ 0.6%.

The Performance requirements of low alloy structural steel, 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy:(1) High strength: generally, the yield strength is above 300Mpa.(2) High toughness: the elongation is required to be 15% - 20%, and the room temperature impact toughness is greater than 600kJ/m ~ 800kJ/m. For large welded components, higher fracture toughness is required.(3) Good weldability and cold forming property.(4) Low cold brittle transition temperature. (5) Good corrosion resistance.

After a certain period of time, the steel products will reduce the toughness and increase the hardness, which is called aging effect. Generally, this effect is strongest at 200-300 ℃. The aging tendency of 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy, low carbon steel (about 0.1% carbon content) is especially large, while high carbon steel and alloy steel containing molybdenum, barium or tungsten are not easy to produce aging. For boiler steel plate, it is required that the reduction rate of impact initial property is not more than 50%, or the absolute value of impact initial property is not less than 3-3.5KGM / cm2.

asme 34Cr4 EN 10083-3 alloy alloy steel element composition%
C: 0.15-0.20, Si: 0.20-0.35, Mn: 0.85-1.15, P max.: 0.035, S max.: 0.035, B max.: 0.005, Cr: 0.40-0.65, Ni: 0.90-1.10, Mo: 0.15-0.25, V: 0.03-0.08
The mechanical properties in thickness (mm)T≤65
Yield strength (≥Mpa): 690
Tensile strength (Mpa):760-895
Elongation in ≥,%: 18

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