42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination ASTM equivalent steel grade

42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination ASTM equivalent steel grade

42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination ASTM equivalent steel grade

In recent years, in line with the development trend of iron and 42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination steel industry at home and abroad, we have accelerated the transformation of development mode, promoted structural adjustment, and formed a rich product series of medium and thick plates, hot rolled steel coils, profiles, steel pipes, etc., which 42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination are widely used in automobiles, long-span bridges, railways, machinery, ocean and so on fields. Meanwhile, we also provide deep processing for the steel materials.

42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination, Wear-resistant plate is one of the most widely used wear-resistant steel materials. Because of its outstanding wear-resistant characteristics, wear-resistant plate has its own unique use. First, mining machinery and equipment. During ore processing and transportation, the ore and equipment often produce violent friction, the general steel plate can not bear friction for a long time, it is easy to be damaged, and wear-resistant plate is very effective to solve this problem. Second, the ground laying. Some construction site roads are paved with wear-resistant plates, for long-term use of truck transportation.

42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination, Q345B low alloy plate performance:
1) High strength: Generally its yield strength is above 300MPa;
2) High toughness: The elongation is required to be 15% to 20%, and the room temperature impact toughness is greater than 600kJ/m to 800kJ/m. For large welded components, higher fracture toughness is also required;
3) Good welding performance and cold forming performance;
4) Low cold brittle transition temperature;
5) Good corrosion resistance.

Alloy steel plate is formed by adding alloy elements into steel. In this process, the basic elements of steel, namely iron and carbon, will have a certain effect with the newly added alloy elements. Under this effect, the structure and material in the steel will have certain changes, and the overall performance and quality of steel will also be improved. Therefore, the output of 42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination, alloy steel plate is increasing, and its application range is more and more extensive.

A514 grade P alloy structural steel chemical composition (melting analysis)%
C: 0.12-0.21, Si: 0.20-0.35, Mn: 0.45-0.70, P max.: 0.035, S max.: 0.035, Ni: 1.20-1.50, Cr: 0.85-1.20, Mo: 0.45-0.6.0, B: 0.001-0.005
The mechanical properties in thickness (mm)T≤65
Yield strength (≥Mpa): 690
Tensile strength (Mpa):760-895
Elongation in ≥,%: 18

S355J2 hot rolled steel plate executive standard: EN10025-2S355J2 hot rolled steel plate delivery status: control binding, normalizing rolling, normalizingThe European standard S355J2 hot rolled steel plate is available from 42CrMo4 ultrasonic examination stock and can be cut and processed according to the requirements of customers; the futures can be produced according to your requirements, and our S355J2 hot rolled steel plate price is preferential and the delivery time is fast, welcome to contact and purchase.

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