34CrMoS4 alloy steel material what is the chemical composition?

34CrMoS4 alloy steel material what is the chemical composition?

34CrMoS4 alloy steel material what is the chemical composition?

The company is a leading company that sells 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material steel plate products in the Central Plains region and has a high reputation in the steel plate industry. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity cooperation and common development", and has sold 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material steel products with various materials. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, construction, boiler, decoration, offshore operations, electric heating, gravity machinery and other industries.

EH500 steel plates and EH550 steel plates are both ultra-high-strength structural steel plates for ships and oceans. The addition of microalloying elements can not only improve the strength, compensate for the strength loss caused by the reduction of carbon equivalent, but also improve the welding performance, mechanical properties and process performance of the steel 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material. Due to the use environment requirements of EH500 steel plate and EH550 steel plate, it can meet the requirements of high strength, high toughness, high welding performance, and thickness direction performance.

Grade E, Grade EH32, Grade EH36 series shipbuilding steel products have good comprehensive mechanical properties, welding performance, process performance. Our shipbuilding steel plate and 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material steel sections are suitable for manufacturing structural parts such as ship hull structures, docks, oil production platforms, marine transmission pipelines, coastal power plants, wharf facilities in ocean, coastal and inland navigation areas.

Manganese steel plate is a kind of common steel, which is a kind of high-strength anti manganese steel. 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material, Manganese steel plate is mainly used to bear the impact, extrusion, material wear and other severe working conditions. It is a typical anti-wear steel, with austenite and carbide as cast structure. After water quenching at about 1000 ° C, the structure changes into single austenite or austenite with a small amount of carbide.

Seamless pipes material and specification
API 5L Gr.B, 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material A106 Gr.B, ASTM A53 Gr.B, ST37.0, ST35.8, St37.2, St35.4/8,St42,St45,St52,St52.4, STP G38, STP G42, STS42STPT49STS49
Sizes(mm): 0.12-2.0mm*600-1250mm
Wall Thickness(mm):1.2mm-40mm
Certificates: API5L ISO 9001:2008 TUV SGS BV etc
Surface: Black painting, varnish paint, anti rust oil, hot galvanized, cold galvanized, 3PE

Over the years, the company has maintained long-term stable business relationships with major domestic steel mills and foreign steel companies. The company's main boiler and pressure vessel steel plates, low alloy high-strength steel plates, wear-resistant steel plates, corrosion-resistant steel plates, 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material bridge steel plates , strucural teel plates, steel plates for alloy structures, mold steel plates, steel plates for shipbuilding and production platforms, composite steel plates, steel plates for oil and gas pipelines. Welcome to come China and visit our 34CrMoS4 alloy steel material production line.

The company formulates clear service process and service standard. To do a good job in after-sales service, first of all, clear service process and service standards should be formulated to let employees know which procedures to perform and which service standards to abide by.

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